What is Copper Used for in Minecraft?

Copper, a new addition to Minecraft in the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update, has proven to be a highly versatile and popular resource due to its unique properties. With low blast resistance and high electrical conductivity, copper has found numerous applications in various fields such as redstone circuitry, lightning rods, and even decorative elements. Its ability to oxidize and change its appearance over time also adds an interesting dynamic to its use in construction and design. Overall, copper’s properties and diverse applications make it an indispensable resource for any experienced Minecraft player. Let’s see what is copper used for in minecraft.

Mining and Obtaining Copper

Copper ore can be found in veins underground, most commonly beneath beaches and in dripstone caves. It generates between Y-levels 0 and 96, with the highest concentration between Y-48 and Y-64.

To mine copper ore, you need at least a stone pickaxe. Once mined, the ore drops raw copper, which can be smelted in a furnace to obtain copper ingots.

Mining and Obtaining Copper

Construction and Decoration with Copper

Copper can be used to craft various blocks and slabs for building and decorative purposes. These include:

  • Copper Blocks: These blocks have a reddish-brown color that oxidizes over time, turning greenish-blue. This adds a unique aesthetic element to builds and allows for creative color variations.
  • Cut Copper Blocks: These offer a smoother and more polished look compared to regular copper blocks.
  • Copper Stairs and Slabs: These provide additional building options for creating unique structures and walkways.
  • Waxed Copper Blocks/Slabs/Stairs: Applying honeycomb to copper blocks, slabs, or stairs creates a waxed version that prevents oxidation and retains the original reddish-brown color. This is useful for players who prefer the unoxidized look.

Crafting with Copper

Copper plays a key role in crafting several useful items, including:

  • Lightning Rods: These attract lightning strikes within a certain radius, protecting buildings and players from harm during thunderstorms. Lightning rods are essential for any player building in exposed areas.
  • Spyglasses: These allow players to zoom in and observe distant objects, providing a valuable tool for exploration and combat.
  • Weathered Copper Cut-Out: This decorative block is created by exposing a cut copper block to rain or water. It can be used to add a unique weathered texture to builds.
  • Copper Buttons and Pressure Plates: These functional blocks act as switches and triggers, adding interactivity to builds.
  • Copper Ingots: These are used as a component in crafting various other items, such as telescopes and tinted glass.

Additionally, the upcoming 1.21 update introduces even more uses for copper, including:

  • Copper Horns: These produce a unique sound when used, offering a fun and decorative element.
  • Copper Sculptures: These allow players to create custom sculptures using an oxidization mechanic, adding a new dimension to creative building.

Unique Properties of Copper

Unique Properties of Copper

Copper possesses several unique properties that differentiate it from other building materials in Minecraft:

  • Oxidation: As mentioned earlier, copper oxidizes over time, changing its color from reddish-brown to greenish-blue. This unique process adds a dynamic element to builds and allows for interesting color combinations.
  • Waxing: Applying honeycomb to copper blocks prevents them from oxidizing and retains their original color. This allows players to create contrasting effects in their builds or preserve the unoxidized look.
  • Connectivity: Copper blocks can connect to other copper blocks seamlessly, even across corners, creating smooth and visually appealing structures.


  1. How do I get copper in Minecraft?

Mine copper ore with a stone pickaxe or better and smelt it in a furnace to obtain copper ingots.

  1. How do I make a lightning rod?

Combine three copper ingots in a crafting table to create a lightning rod.

  1. How do I prevent copper from oxidizing?

Apply honeycomb to copper blocks, slabs, or stairs to create a waxed version that does not oxidize.

  1. What are some creative uses for copper in Minecraft?

Copper can create various decorative elements, such as statues, roofs, and accents. It can also create functional structures, such as lightning protection systems and redstone contraptions.

  1. What are the new uses for copper in the upcoming 1.21 update?

The update introduces copper horns and copper sculptures, expanding the creative and functional possibilities of this versatile resource.

Final Verdict

Copper is a valuable and versatile resource that adds a new dimension to gameplay in Minecraft. In Minecraft, the enchantment “Smite” enhances the offensive capabilities of weapons against undead mobs, including skeletons, zombies, and the Wither, adding a strategic layer to gameplay. Its unique properties, diverse crafting applications, and decorative potential make copper a must-have for players looking to expand their creative horizons. With its ever-evolving features and potential for future uses, copper is sure to remain an integral part of the Minecraft experience for years to come.

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