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There are some tricks regarding website design that everybody should know in order to create a good website!


If you want to have an attractive web design/sit you should get rid of page counters, because the most visitors of the site will consider you an amateur. You heard me! Specialists think that people don’t like flashing text because they associate them with neon signs. Regarding text, the most important thing is to be short and comprehensive because people don’t like to stay to much in front of a computer reading boring stuff.

The title of your website should be very clear, but in the same time to arouse the interest of your potential clients! You should use a normal browser for your website in order to be visited by anyone without making people to download other browsers they don’t need, just to see your website. It is not recommended to use framesets, because it can cause troubles with search engine. If you want to have high traffic for your website, you should have a honest and unique content and not to try to trick the search engines.

Generally, chat rooms are useless for websites because there are few cases when websites have a lot of visitors monthly. If your web page is under construction is not a good idea to put it up. You should wait to be ready before publishing it on the internet. Regarding the music on backgrounds, is recommended to be an option for the client. Many hate music by default! It should have a turn on and off button, so that the visitor can choose if he wants music on the background or not. When you create a website, you should keep the same design and structure for all the pages on the site because it seems that people like this thing. They also like standard styles of navigation, so you should keep in mind this thing. Display resolution of the web page should be a maximum 800×600 in order to be seen by all visitors properly, without scrolling. Another useful thing is to create a site map. This can easily guide your visitors and help them go directly to the information that interests them. You should write your text normally without using too many capital or bold words. You should be careful at the colors of your website and not use too many.

There are a lot more web design secrets, but you should keep in mind that if you want to create a website, it should be very clear for the visitors and remember the fact that people not always see things that for you are obvious. Visit for more tips.

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