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Now you have the PlayStation VR glasses at 300 euros. A good reason to try the best 5 games for Sony Virtual Reality glasses

If you have a PlayStation console you have a good option, starting tomorrow, to acquire your PlayStation VR glasses. Sony has decided to reduce, without conditions and for all users wishing to share, 100 euros at its original price. This peripheral went to the market at a price of 400 euros and, from tomorrow, you can buy it in shopping centers and online stores at a price of 300 euros. The kit is made up of virtual reality glasses and an adapter that we will have to connect to the console. Remember that the glasses are compatible only with PlayStation 4.

For this reason, we have decided to offer you a special telling you which are the best 5 Virtual Reality games for PlayStation VR glasses. So, if you decide to buy them, you can go for sure to try them with the best games there are. Keep reading

MOSSplaystation vr glasses

Moss transports us to an imaginary world in which we are a mouse and, at the same time, a supernatural entity that sees action from above. We will interact with both characters to explore the fantastic world, opening the way for Quill, the protagonist mouse. Your graphics section is beautiful, remember the best illustrations of children’s books. The phases are composed of ingenious puzzles, melee combat, and even platform parts. Continue reading

SUPERHYPERCUBEplaystation vr glasses

A game framed in a landscape of abstract and futuristic geometry. A first-person puzzle that will transport you to a world full of neon lights to experience an immersive and three-dimensional experience. In SuperHyperCube you will have to introduce a series of irregular shapes in their corresponding holes. Continue reading- Best Animation Movies in 2018

If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it feels like inside the movie Tron, try playing with SuperHyperCube.

BATMAN ARKHAM VRplaystation vr glasses

A must for all lovers of the dark knight of Gotham City. Batman Arkham VR is the Sony Virtual Reality proposal for the most celebrated DC comic superhero. The game recreates the most famous spaces where Bruce Wayne’s adventures take places, such as the Wayne mansion or the Batcave.

In this game, you must develop Batman’s detective skills to the fullest. An adventure full of mystery and danger that you can live in first person thanks to the Virtual Reality of the PlayStation VR glasses.

BOUNDplaystation vr glasses

A 3D game especially dedicated to all lovers of platform games. And yes, in addition, hallucinating with fantastic worlds and dreamy graphics, you like electronic music and ballet, look no further: they have created Bound especially for you. In Bound, you will have to guide a character through dreamy 3D landscapes through elegant ballet steps. All a visual experience that falls in love at first glance.

SUPERHOT VRplaystation vr glasses

An innovative and avant-garde first-person shooter with a peculiar graphics section that draws attention at first sight. In Superhot you can modify the time at your whim: only the minutes will pass while you move in the game. If you are in the heat of shooting and you stand still, bullets and enemies will do so too. But take a step forward and everything will return to normal.

In Superhot you must combine strategy, skill and aim to overcome levels that will increase in difficulty with each step you take. Remember, you have the time in your hands. Take advantage of it in an intelligent way.

Now that the PlayStation VR glasses have a rebate of 100 euros it can be a good time to buy them. Do you want to try some of these games?

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