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The 5 most popular uses of VPNs

VPN networks are used to encrypt the traffic that leaves our phone or our PC. There are many reasons why you should use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and in this article, we will highlight the 5 most important uses of VPNs.

1. Browse anonymouslyuses of VPNs

A secure VPN network allows you to surf anonymously, as it hides your true IP.

This is achieved because your computer or mobile connects to the VPN server, and it is the IP of that server that makes the connections and requests to the web pages. In this way, you can surf the net without leaving a trace of the web pages you visit.

Not to be confused with the incognito mode of browsers. Incognito mode, just hide your browsing history from your browser. While the VPN allows only you to know what you do with your connection. For example, with a VPN connection, your internet provider or ISP will not be able to know which pages you visit or if you are downloading files by torrent. Of course, security will depend on the provider of the VPN connection.

2. Encrypt your trafficuses of VPNs

This is especially useful if you connect to public Wi-Fi points, from hotels or restaurants.

The VPN connections use different protocols that encrypt your data connection; in a way that prevents anyone from seeing the data that is circulating on the network. In this way, nobody will be able to see neither the pages you browse nor the passwords you use.

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3. Access exclusive content from other countries

The VPN changes the IP address you use to connect to the Internet. This way, you can bypass geo-blocks from many content providers.

For example, from Spain, if we select an IP from England, we could watch BBC internet television that is limited to the UK. Or, if we are traveling outside of Spain and want to see content from the RTVE website, we would only have to select a Spanish IP in our VPN service.

This feature is also very important if you live or visit countries in countries where there is censorship (China, Egypt, etc.). In many of these countries, access to web pages such as Facebook, YouTube, Google or Twitter is prohibited or restricted. So having a VPN connection is very important before embarking on a trip abroad.

4. Avoid network limitationuses of VPNs

Although net neutrality is still in place in Europe (not in the United States), for the moment, there are many performance complaints that fall on some Internet providers (ISPs). ref

Perhaps the most popular is the speed limit that many Movistar customers experience when viewing content on Netflix

Although its connection works perfectly, Movistar limits Netflix traffic. In this way, Netflix is ​​seen with lower quality and even with cuts. Movistar does this because Netflix is ​​a direct competitor to its own video content platform.

When using a VPN to connect, the internet provider (Movistar in this case) cannot know what traffic is circulating through our router, so it cannot limit us the use of Netflix in particular.

5. Take advantage of better prices

There are many websites (Steam, Kayak, etc.) where you can get different and better prices depending on the country from which you connect.

That is why, when using a VPN with different countries (in most VPN providers you can select and switch between servers in different countries of the world), we can take advantage of saving a few euros when making our purchases.

Of course, remember to use with each country of the VPN a new session of the incognito mode of the browser, to delete the cookies.

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