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Top Uses For Personal Drones

Personal drones for use outside of the military have become really popular in recent years. Many kids and RC enthusiasts have flocked to the stores and online to buy this new and exciting product. Before recent years, many people only thought about military usage of drones. However, there are many ways to have fun with drones or use them for personal or business reasons. As the technology has advanced for drones and become more mainstream, the number of practical and personal uses has grown as well. Below are some of the top uses for personal drones outside of military use.

Real Estate Photography

One of the more mainstream personal uses of drones has been by real estate agents. Drones are a great selling tool for marketing homes and properties online. Good photos are a main selling point when it comes to real estate and drones give agents an easy way to get aerial shots of the home to show prospective buyers. Also, drones can be used to provide a walk-through of a home or business to potential buyers as well. This can be done in real time for live showings of properties and is a great tool to use.

Aircraft Inspections

Many airlines are using drones these days to help inspect their own aircraft during evaluations. These drones help speed up the aircraft inspections to get the planes back in use faster. The drones are manned by trained engineers from the ground and they use them to inspect every area of the outside of a plane. Most of the drones used are called quadcopters. They are able to be flown around the aircraft and take HD photos and video of the plane for engineers to evaluate.


Aside from business uses, there are many uses for people who like to have fun with drones. Drone racing is a very popular hobby for many enthusiasts and is quickly becoming a popular sport. There are many places to buy racing drones online or in stores. You can buy them already built or you can find kits that you build yourself. If you want to buy a quality drone for racing, you can find many types of fpv racers at They offer drones and accessories for every skill level and price range.

It is easy to see why drones are becoming more and more popular. There are so much practical and fun uses for them that almost anyone could benefit from owning one. No matter what you want to use a drone for, there are many different kinds to choose from and most can be purchased online and shipped straight to your door.

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