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Top metrics to measure for your SEO activity

You need to keep on top of your SEO campaign to make sure it’s working to optimum levels, and to do that, you need to check specific areas of performance. Here’s our guide to the top things to keep track of to ensure your campaign’s success:

Bounce rate

When a visitor arrives on your site and leaves without taking any further action, it’s counted as a ‘bounce’. High bounce rates are often an indication that you need to take action, although they won’t have any impact on your overall rankings. According to Search Engine Journal, Google doesn’t use any bounce rate information, or indeed any data from Google Analytics, to assess your site’s performance.

Organic traffic

Finding out how well your unpaid SEO is working is crucial to the overall success of your campaign.

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Exit pages

Uncovering the principal pages that visitors abandon your site on can help you to uncover problems with those pages. Be careful here, as further analysis is often required and you may find it worth paying for some professional input. Look out for companies such as, who provide UK-wide and London professional SEO services, who will deliver a complete breakdown on visitor behaviour so that action can be taken accordingly to improve the visitor experience.

Conversion rates

Simply knowing how many of your visitors have gone on to perform a positive interaction with your site isn’t enough. You need to break this information down across platforms, devices, browser and location to discover more about your target audience so that you can tailor your site more thoroughly for their needs.


Are your keywords working for you in the way that you’d hoped, or could you do with making some changes? Only by carefully analysing the data can you come to any firm conclusions, so keep checking which keywords are the most favourable ones to use, and concentrate your efforts on those.

More search engines than Google

Everyone acts as though Google is the only search engine, but this is far from the case, so it pays to uncover which search engine your visitors favour. Many people use Bing as a viable alternative to Google, so make sure you analyse its data too, so that you can keep your site visible and relevant across as many channels as possible.

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