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Top 5 Websites to Visit When You Are Bored

Saying you are bored does not mean that you want something major to do. It is more likely you want to remain lazy and just surf the Internet. The Internet is vast though so here are a few sites that are guaranteed to give you a few chuckles without requiring you to think too hard.

How Old Do I Look

One of the newest sites put out by Microsoft is How Old Do I Look. This site allows you to upload a picture and it will use software to determine how old it thinks you are in the picture. This site has become popular because of how wrong it usually is. It will give non-humans an age and gender, while declaring children look to be in their 20’s. There is a clause that states Microsoft will not reuse your picture and it is not stored anywhere.

F*ck My Life

A site you should visit if you feel like your life is in the crapper is F*ck My Life (FML). FML allows users to post their messed up life in the form of short stories or status updates. The site is designed to help others feel better about their life and find humor to terrible situations. In some cases, you will shake your head due to the sheer stupidity of a situation. Here are some examples of things you will find on the site:

“Today, my window broke and will not close. My room is in a wooded area. I’ve already chased out two squirrels and a bird and it’s only been an hour. I’m afraid I’m gonna wake up like Snow White with all sorts of wildlife sleeping with me. FML”

“Today, my grandpa told me he was going to be eating out tonight, and I asked at which restaurant. He replied “Your gran’s room.” and winked. I didn’t need that mental image, at all. FML”


Another website that completely eats away at the clock is LIfeHacker. This site is designed to find life hacks and present them to readers in a way that they can be found easily. While many of them are helpful, there are some that are inspirational. In any case, it is easy to visit the site for one article and be stuck there for hours.


Another site that is becoming quite popular is Quora. This is a question and answer site that answers questions to things you would not think to ask. There are some questions that are down to earth and help with relationships or life, but there are others that are quite scientific. They are answered by other users, so you can answer questions while searching for answers.


Blifaloo can be found at and is a site that offers users puzzles, mind games, personality quizzes, and much more to help pass the time. It is simplistic in design so the attraction all comes from the content they provide.

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