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Tips motion animation with Lego

Animating with Legos can be a great introduction to the traditional world of animation frame by frame. It can be a fun art and has generated its own sub-genre movies block. Create these films can be tedious at first, but with a little patience and good advice you can achieve your first film finished block.


If you want your figures have conversations during your movie, this may seem difficult, since the figures are static faces, but not impossible. It is easier if you record the lines before recording the scene, and then record it to match. Simply encourages your figures gesticulating in ways to complement the lines. Gestures calculated using the number of frames. For example, if someone is angry after two seconds of speaking and has recorded 15 frames per second, multiply 2 by 15. Mad shall see then 30 frames.


If you think your film lighting is inadequate, there are many things you can try. First, find out all you can about your camera. If you’re using a webcam to make the film, uses a change device acomplamiento because it better captures the light than the alternative, which are called CMOS, which is an acronym for complementary metal oxide semiconductor, and may still operate in low light conditions. Keep the curtains closed so the lighting is not changed due to conditions outside.


Use a good microphone can be a big difference in your movie. You can avoid it hard to hear your voice be heard or off. Do not speak too close to the microphone, or certain syllables aredistorted. This is called “nearest microphone.” You can avoid this by covering your microphone with half or tilting it slightly away from your mouth. Includes sound effects in your movie, but should depend on how much detail you will.


When you film some complex scenes can be difficult to make the models are animated properly. In this case it may be more effective to use CGI, like a professional film. There are many ways to do this, such as Lego figures sculpted in a 3D program. You can also use programs that have Lego blocks, which can be imported into 3D program to later encourage him.

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