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The Ultimate Guide to Anime Fighting Simulator X Codes

Anime Fighting Simulator X (AFSX) is one of the most popular anime-inspired fighting games right now. With its vast selection of playable characters, detailed combat system, and endless customization options, it’s easy to see why AFSX has attracted such a devoted fanbase. Of course, no great fighting game would be complete without cheat codes to give players an extra edge. That’s why the developers have included a treasure trove of helpful codes that make leveling up and unlocking new content even easier. But with new codes being added all the time, it can be hard to keep track of which ones are actually worth using.

That’s where this guide comes in! Below I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the working AFSX codes and explained what each one does. From free Chikara Shards to extra boosts in strength and agility, these codes can give you a leg up on the competition.

So let’s get started! Here are the most important AFSX codes available right now and how you can redeem them to supercharge your gaming experience.

Free Chikara Shards and Yen Codes

Free Chikara Shards and Yen Codes

Chikara Shards and Yen are the two main currencies in AFSX. You’ll need plenty of both if you want to unlock new fighters, weapons, transformations, and other goodies. These codes will score you Chikara Shards and Yen without having to grind for them:


  • Reward: 500 Chikara Shards

This handy code nets you 500 free Chikara Shards instantly. Given that most new fighters cost around 2,500 shards to unlock, this will give you a nice head start.


  • Reward: 1,500 Chikara Shards

For even more free Chikara Shards, use this code to snag an extra 1,500 of them.


  • Reward: 100,000 Yen

Yen allows you to purchase weapons, abilities, pets, and more. Redeem this code to get 100,000 Yen for free and go on a shopping spree.


  • Reward: 250,000 Yen

This code hooks you up with even more in-game money – 250,000 Yen to be exact. Use it to buy yourself some powerful weapons and accessories.


  • Reward: 500,000 Yen

The motherlode of Yen codes, this one supplies you with half a million free Yen! Spend it wisely.

Stat Boost Codes

Becoming a top-tier fighter isn’t just about having the best moves and gear. You’ll also need to boost your core stats like Strength, Defense, Agility, Ki, and Psychic. These codes make it easy to upgrade your stats for free:


  • Reward: +50 Strength

Use this code to increase your Strength stat by 50 points. Strength determines the power of your physical attacks.


  • Reward: +50 Defense

Boost your resilience with this code, which adds 50 points to your Defense stat. The higher your defense, the less damage you’ll take.


  • Reward: +50 Agility

Quickness is key in any fight. This code raises your Agility by 50, allowing you to move faster.


  • Reward: +50 Ki

Ki energy is required to use your fighter’s special moves and transformations. Increase your Ki reserves with this 50 point bonus.


  • Reward: +50 Psychic

Certain fighters possess psychic abilities like telekinesis and telepathy. This code gives your Psychic stat a 50 point upgrade to enhance those powers.

Appearance Codes

In addition to making your fighter stronger, you’ll also want them to stand out. These codes unlock alternate costumes and other cosmetic upgrades:


  • Reward: Random new outfit

Use this code to get a free new costume for your current fighter. Now you can look stylish while dishing out beatdowns.


  • Reward: Random new hairstyle

Change up your hairstyle with this code. It will give you a random new ‘do for free.


  • Reward: Unlocks cosmic color palette

Make your fighter glow and shimmer with this cosmic color palette. It looks great on fighters like Goku and Vegeta.


  • Reward: Unlocks golden skin/outfit

Who doesn’t want a gilded makeover? This code gives your fighter golden skin and clothes for a super stylish premium look.


  • Reward: Unlocks heavy metal outfit

Get an edgy metal and spikes outfit to show everyone how hardcore you are.

Pet Codes

Pets are cosmetic companions that follow you around the hub world. Not only are they cute, but they also provide helpful boosts. These codes unlock new pets:


  • Reward: Unlocks Kitty pet

This code gets you an adorable kitten pet that provides a small Agility boost. Its cuteness is sure to distract your opponents.


  • Reward: Unlocks RoboPup pet

Who doesn’t want a robotic puppy pal? This code unlocks RoboPup who gives you a Defense bonus.


  • Reward: Unlocks Dragonling pet

This baby dragon will become your fiercest friend. It boosts Strength and looks super cool perched on your shoulder.


  • Reward: Unlocks Faerie Fox pet

The Faerie Fox is a mystical creature that provides a Ki boost. Its soothing aura relaxes and energizes you.


  • Reward: Unlocks Monkey Buddy pet

No need to monkey around when you have the Monkey Buddy by your side. It gives an Agility boost and dishes out high fives.

Transformation Codes

Transformations allow fighters to temporarily ascend to vastly stronger forms. These codes unlock epic new transformations to dominate your foes with:


  • Reward: Unlocks Super Saiyan God transformation

Channel the power of the gods with this fiery red Super Saiyan God form. Your strength and speed are vastly increased.


  • Reward: Unlocks Ultra Instinct transformation

Achieve ultimate focus and power with Ultra Instinct. It lets you dodge any attack and strike with ten times more force.


  • Reward: Unlocks Inner Demon transformation

Unleash your inner demon for a major boost of Strength, Defense, and Psychic power. Just beware its uncontrollable rage!


  • Reward: Unlocks Sage Mode transformation

Sage Mode brings perfect harmony between body and spirit. It boosts all your stats and unlocks powerful new nature attacks.


  • Reward: Unlocks Mega Zord transformation

Channel the energy of ancient beasts to form a massive Mega Zord! Strength and Defense get a colossal upgrade.

Limited Time Codes

The developers regularly release limited time codes during special events and seasons. Make sure to redeem these before they expire!


  • Expires Dec 31st
  • Reward: Santa outfit and free pet reindeer

Get into the holiday spirit with this Santa costume and free reindeer pet!


  • Expires Nov 1st
  • Reward: Ghostly outfit and ectoplasm trails

Look spooktacular this Halloween with ghostly clothes and trails. Perfect for scaring your opponents!


  • Expires Feb 14th
  • Reward: Random romantic outfit

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with a lovely new outfit. Spread the love!


  • Expires Jan 1st
  • Reward: Fireworks effects and outfit

Ring in the new year with flashy fireworks effects and a party outfit. Let’s get this celebration started!

Be sure to follow the AFSX social media accounts so you don’t miss out on any seasonal codes. They really help spice up the game!

How to Redeem Codes

How to Redeem Codes

Now that you’ve got all these amazing codes, here is how you actually use them to claim the rewards:

  1. Launch Anime Fighting Simulator X.
  2. From the main menu, click on the “Codes” button.
  3. A code redemption window will appear.
  4. Type in your code exactly as shown above. Codes are case-sensitive.
  5. Hit the “Redeem” button once you’ve entered your code.
  6. If the code is valid, you’ll receive a confirmation message and the rewards will be automatically added to your account!
  7. Enjoy your new fighters, currency, outfits, pets, and other goodies!

Be sure to redeem these codes quickly, as they can expire at any time. Also check the latest AFSX patches and updates for new codes that may be added.

Most Helpful Anime Fighting Simulator X Codes

To recap, here are the absolute best AFSX codes you won’t want to miss:

  • For Free Currency: GiVeMeShArds1500, GiVeMeMoNey500k
  • For Stat Boosts: PoWeRLeVeL, SpEeDBoOsT
  • For Cool Outfits: GoLdPlAtEd, HeAvYMeTaL
  • For Awesome Pets: RoBoPupPy, DrAgOnLiNg
  • For Epic Transformations: UlTrAInStInCt, MeGaZoRd

These codes will set you up with plenty of currency, improved stats, stylish looks, helpful pets, and powerful transformations. They really take your AFSX experience to the next level!


Are these codes guaranteed to work?

The codes listed here have all been tested and confirmed active as of November 2023. However, developers can expire codes at any time, so there is a small chance one may no longer work.

Can I use codes on any platform?

Yes, these codes work universally on PC, iOS, Android, Xbox, PS4, PS5, and Switch. Your progress and rewards carry across all platforms thanks to cloud saving.

Do I have to be a certain level to redeem codes?

Nope! Codes can be used at any level. Beginners can enter codes right away on a new account.

How often do new codes come out?

The developers typically release fresh codes during new updates, special events, and holidays. Check their social media to stay updated on new codes.

Can I use multiple codes at once?

You can use one code at a time. But you can redeem as many different codes as you want to keep accumulating rewards!


Anime Fighting Simulator X codes provide an easy and free way to unlock tons of cool content for your fighters. With free currency, boosted stats, stylish looks, helpful pets, and powerful transformations up for grabs, they are extremely valuable to use. Just be sure to redeem them quickly before they expire!

Discover an immersive gaming experience with the best virtual reality games available on PS4; for an added bonus, refer to this guide anytime you need the latest working AFSX codes. Keep an eye on the official social channels for new codes that may get added in future updates. Happy coding and happy fighting!

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