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The Last Flight of The Wind, Reflect 3D

The work that we present today we sent some guys eager, their study is called Reflect3D and in the feature film project “The Last Flight of the Wind.” They take two years behind the idea, and are aware of the enormous work that comes ahead and have already been driven by markets such as Mifa (Annecy) and soon to forum Cartoon Movie in Lyon.

It is important to remember that a trailer is the gateway to sell your project, and the less you have to imagine the person who decides to invest better, this is an example of how we do need to do. For our part we congratulate them for their work and wish them much energy for what lies ahead. We leave you with the video to see what you think!

The Last Flight of the wind takes us to a fantastic world where nature, magic and technology combine to tell a wonderful story about courage, the courage and the need to care for and respect our environment. Click here to know more stuff like this.

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