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The Best Animated Movies the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Finding the right movie for a family movie night can be a struggle every single time. It may seem impossible to find a movie that is both appropriate and entertaining for everyone in the family. This is an issue that can cause some families to even forgo the family movie night.

Even though the selection is not huge, there are a lot of great movies that both parents and kids will love. Anyone can use Bright House TV deals to find any of these new and old movies. Here are some of the best animated movies the whole family can enjoy.

Despicable Me

The movie’s fun and light soundtrack is enough to get anyone hooked on this film, not to mention the adorable and silly minion characters. This is a fresh take on the villain character that everyone can appreciate.


Tangled is a new Disney princess movie that both boys and girls love. This remake of the classic tale is a fun way to help everyone discover their untapped courage.


This award winning film is sure to steal the hearts of everyone in the home. The tale stretches everyone’s boundaries of imagination and proves that the good guy always wins.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s classic love story is perfectly crafted into a whimsical film that no one could forget. Traditionally thought of as a holiday movie, this is a film families will want to watch any day of the year to be reminded why people love the holidays so much.

Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 is the perfect finale to a memorable trilogy that families have treasured. Toys coming to life never seemed so real and the truths of growing up and moving on have never been brought to a movie script so clearly for kids and parents to see.


Another villain turned good story, this movie brings an all-star cast together to have everyone in the house laughing on the edge of their seat. These new representations of superheroes keep things fresh for everyone in the family.

How to Train Your Dragon

The scary and life-threatening dragons have never looked so cute and lovable. This is a great story of creating a new path that teaches everyone that just because society says it’s so, that does not make it the right thing to do.


Bringing life to cars has never been so simple and believable. Everyone has dreamt of being a fast racecar driver, and this fun movie makes that dream even more fun to fantasize about. Girls and boys alike will want to be driving their cars around the home for the rest of the week.

Kung Fu Panda

Traditionally R-rated Jack Black takes on a new kid-friendly version for one of his best movies ever. This is a classic underdog story that anybody can get behind. Inspire and encourage kids to follow their true passions with this fun and heartwarming story.

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