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The Benefits of Unified Communications – the Way forward for Business Telephone Systems

The development of unified communications has revolutionised business telephone systems. With technology developing at such a fast pace, many businesses are confused on how they can utilise the new technology that has become available. With the development of MPLS and VoIP, technology advancements can seem like a foreign language. This article will introduce five benefits that unified communications can bring to your business.

Uniting the Workforce

Today’s world of business is inundated with an array of state of the art communication devices. The fast pace in which communication has developed has meant many businesses changing the way in which they work. Unified communications, often abbreviated to UC, has allowed different communication devices to collaborate and share data with each other. Companies are utilising this new technology to bring together their workforce and create virtual teamwork and remote working practices. Ideas, data and communication can instantly be shared with fellow workers, even if they are away from their desk.

Communication – Instantly Share and Compare

Traditional business telephone systems have quickly become a thing of the past. Using a Unified communications platform allows for businesses to instantly interface with other colleagues. Calls can instantly become shared and other opinions can be directly obtained by opening the initial conversation up to other workers. An instant message can quickly revert to a communication call and vice versa.

Instant Access

With the use of unified communications, your company’s internal network can be accessed from any wireless device in any location. Workers can even be allowed to work remotely from home. Many businesses that utilise remote working find that productivity is instantly increased. Travelling to business meetings is often seen as a redundant practice as video conferencing saves both on time and money. The advancement of unified messaging allows for all messages, regardless of format, to reach your chosen device in whatever format you choose.

Immediate Integration

With so much technology available, businesses have quickly found themselves overwhelmed with a variety of data and communication applications. In the past, it has been impossible to unify all of these devices together. However, the development of unified communication has enabled businesses to easily interface data and communication across the wide platform of different devices and processes that they use.

Establishing Availability

The development of unified communications allows for instant real time access. Employees can instantly ascertain the availability of work colleagues or clients and send data or communication via to the recipients preferred method of communication.

Unified communications is undoubtedly the way forward for business telephone communications. A communications platform that enables instant access to a wide variety of communication platforms is revolutionising modern business in a big way. There is no time like the presence to bring unified communications to the forefront of your business. For more tips click here.

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