Animation Tips: Inspiration and Ideas

This article, translated by Alejandro Sánchez Corrales for us, appeared in the magazine Aesthetica. This is a series of tips for those who are stuck with ideas or are beginning to encourage, written by the McLeod brothers, English animators of the series Peter and Frankensheep (BBC) and several other projects.
Best Animation Movies

Best Animation Movies in 2018

Although it is hard to believe, the drawings are the most difficult to do, both in time and money. For this reason, we must value all those who arrive at the cinema. Of course, nothing happens to go see only the best-animated films of 2018. And is that, no matter how many drawings are, there

Easy GIF Animator

In the past, the major drawback of this implementation has been useful interface. The latest edition of Easy GIF Animator corrects that problem and not look back. The new control panel is easy to use, with a nice, well marked and optional splash screen that even the greenest novice can understand.