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Six Practicalities When Moving into Your New Home

If you’ve just bought a new home, you will want to pop open the champagne and celebrate, but there are a number of steps you should take before settling down.

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Make a List of Where Everything Is in Your New Home

Your surroundings may seem strange initially, so ensure you know where everything is. Some householders may wait until there is a leak to find out how to switch the water off. But it’s important to be prepared, and you can ask the sellers where the gas and electricity meters are as well as the thermostat and the fuse box.

Quickly Check That Any Repairs Are Completed

As soon as you arrive and open the door, check that all repairs have been completed and do a walk-through of the property before the removal van turns up. That way you will be able to see any outstanding issues clearly. Ensure everything that was to be included in the exchange has been left and that switches are in working order.

Make Sure All Utilities Are Operational

Before you move check that your electric, heating and internet are set up. Check that all utility companies’ administration departments have changed your address so that your bills come directly to your new home.

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Carry Out a Deep Clean in the House

This is perhaps the least enjoyable part of moving house, but most people like to perform a thorough clean. A sturdy pair of cleaning gloves and disinfectant will do the job – then you can sit down and relax and begin to enjoy your surroundings. For people on the move who are seeking conveyancing solicitors Birmingham has a range of professionals who can assist. For conveyancing solicitors Birmingham professionals have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. It is a buoyant market. According to The Evening Standard, the number of people moving house in London increased 165% during Covid.

Meet the Neighbours

Saying hello to the neighbours can be daunting, but you will probably find they are friendly and welcoming. It is easier and less awkward to do as soon as you’ve moved in. This is also helpful and enables you to learn about the surrounding area.

Let Friends and Family Know You Have Moved

Don’t forget to give friends and family your new address so they can amend their Christmas card lists. They may also want to visit your new home.

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