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Rewrites the legend, Dark Souls 3

If we talk about adventure and epic challenge it is very likely that many of you think in Dark Souls. One of a kind, the saga of From Software was born in 2009 under the name of Demon Souls and deeply captivated those who played by his demanding and careful difficulty setting.

GamesThen came the “master piece” titled Dark Souls and its sequel, somewhat below as Dark Souls 2. But this time it’s the turn of the third and becomes the responsibility of the Japanese master responsible for the first two Souls, Hidetaka Miyazaki.

Dark Souks 3 promising. Wants us to feel the fear of crossing a misty, get the nerves to repeatedly die against a final and overall leader, he promises to captivate with lore one in which scenarios, enemies and NPCs contribute to create one of the strongest dives we have ever experienced in a video game.

Let us take this trailer with scenes of gameplay to appreciate better what awaits us. Like it or not Dark Souls, what you’re about to see is simply beautiful and inspiring. We hope you enjoy it.

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