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Reflections on Mort and Phil with Jimmy’s Randy

Today is released (finally) Mort and Phil with Jimmy’s Randy. The first animated film directed by Javier Fesser, produced by Zeta Cinema and held in Ilion Animation Studios, where I have the pleasure of working by the way.

Believe me would not write this short article if I was not completely convinced that this movie WORTH. I feel very proud to have participated in this project as Lead Animator and not only for the end result, but by being able to be under the “orders” of a filmmaker who loves both his work as Javier Fesser.

You can not even imagine how much love and dedication terms spoiled Javier each plane of the film. Mort and Phil has been a film made ​​from the heart by a person with a talent and make it known that I have rarely seen in this industry.

During the nearly two years that lasted the production of the film, Javier has been director and companion, always longing to learn a technique know as 3d, and offering his respect and admiration for each of the artists who participated in the film.

I remember as Javier laughed out loud at almost every level we taught in daily reviews. As cheered meetings with his jokes (often so surreal that it was impossible not to laugh) and as we thanked for the work almost every day.

I remember all this and I can not stop smiling.

For all this and more, the end result could not be more perfect film. Perfect in its kind. In a genre that it aims to make us laugh and enjoy our childhood characters.

You may think I’m not being objective (can be), but you just have to take a look at the opinions of film experts to realize that something big has cooked Javier.

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These weeks when you go to the movies, just hope that you not be fooled by the “big” releases that come to us from across the pond. I wish you to give a chance to this “little big” film output from the depths of the heart. Click here to get more informative article.

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