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Problems with laptops and their solutions

Cheltenham IT support companies, which can be found here: can help with IT problems, but common problems can also be fixed at home.

Overheating is a common problem with most laptops. A symptom of this is when the laptop crashes and freezes. A simple solution to overheating is cleaning out the air vents with a cloth or a keyboard cleaner. To prevent more dust from building up, a piece of filtered cloth can be placed over the inhalation vent. If the cloth does not work, the system’s BIOS may need to be updated, this controls the laptop’s hardware. Most companies offer an installation file that updates the BIOS file automatically, which usually deals with heat management. The laptop should be connected to the charging port when updating this file.

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A slow hard drive means extra program loading times and slow file transfers. The best solution for this would be disk fragmentation. Disorganised information on a hard drive can slow down performance as the computer needs more time to sort through the data and retrieve what is needed. This problem is quite easy to clear up, but not always quickly as it can sometimes take hours. You can check if your disk drive needs defragmenting through the settings menu and various sub- tabs on your laptop.

Sometimes, a bad keyboard may result in the need to replace the entire keyboard. Keys can often become dislodged or worn out. Some laptop providers provide quick online guides for replacing keyboards.

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