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Pokemon Generations, new animated series

It has always given me the impression that fans of Pokémon we deserved an animated series that would live up to its franchise, with a polished than accustomed us with the classic anime TV series and more finished.

Pokémon Generations is perhaps a little more about that idea. While it is true that films improve in quality and finish, maybe needed a little more serious, more adult tone. Pokémon Generations seems go into that audience who livedthe boom and has grown Pokémon.

At the moment it seems that these mini-episodes will be released for free online, and already we have seen some of them. We will see a Team Rocket is not evil because, they are now traffickers Pokémon (among other things).

Maybe they’re releasing the episodes in this way as an experiment, to see how it materializes among its viewers without pinching fingers much the idea of a more adult Pokémon. To us the idea we love it.

We leave the first two episodes to see what you think…

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