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Planning for your Office move or refurbishment.

It comes to all business at some point. You’ve either come to the end of the lease and the place you are in is either too big or too small for your operation. It’s time to look at a new place and incur the costs of moving or possibly look at the existing building space and refurbish it to something that is better suited to your needs. This may involve updating wifi links or looking at increasing network coverage. If you are producing a product should you have a dedicated sales area for tech demonstrations as well as having an online presence. Maybe there is space for a studio to allow staff to record how to guides or conduct live stream sessions in product use on Tik Tok or Youtube.

You’ll need to give consideration to the more prosaic elements of the office as well. For example it may be that the office equipment is starting to look a bit worn and dated. If that’s the case then take a look at Next day office furniture. They Sell next day office furniture at competitive prices and you can be assured that the desks and chairs will be there from day one for use.

The question that needs to be fully addressed is how the space that you have or are planning to move to can be totally used. Unused space is just a waste of money and resources. Even if you turn an area into a decent meeting breakout room or a staff gathering place to discuss events and create well being that’s better than nothing. Make sure you sit with plans and the designers first.

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