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Nurot, an interactive tale Chiquimedia

Nurot, is an interactive children’s story for iOS, which we developed together with Chiquimedia, a small studio in Barcelona dedicated to developing apps for kids. As is its first publication, and will premiere this work, all help to spread the work will be very well received.

AnimationNurot is tiny and can not speak. He lives in his hideout in the forest and never, ever, has ever had contact with people. Although the latter (of course) is about to change …

Nurot is an interactive story about the communication that has everything: love at first sight, snow, tantrums, crazy inventions, chaos citizen, flying words … and even a bearded gentleman!

Read stories together is a great way to spend quality time with your children. With Nurot also your kids also can interact with characters, music, move objects, solve mini puzzles, activate animations and sounds … or just enjoy the history.

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