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Noragami characters: Know what they are!

The popular action drama manga “Noragami” quickly became one of the most popular series in Japan. It is currently one of the most viewed also in Latin America and Europe. It has two seasons that have made fans want to know about Noragami’s characters.

If you want to know more about this fantastic series and get to know its characters, I invite you to stay until the end of the post. We tell you everything we know about Noragami season 3 and its characters. Keep reading: Seven deadly sins season 4 release date Netflix

Noragami characters

Next, we show you the most powerful main characters of Noragami and their history since it was the gods, spirit and humans who captured the attention of the audience. If you have not seen the seasons yet, knowing the history of Noragami’s characters will help you understand the series.

Noragami characters

1. Yato

We cannot start this list without our protagonist Yato as Noragami’s first character. Although he is not the most powerful, he is among the first. Since he is a god of calamity and despair, he is undoubtedly one of the most feared by humans.
Yato is very skilled in combat, specializing in the handling of the sword and the spear. His strength is incomparable. He even beat Takemikazuchi, another god with great combat skills, in a powerful fight.

2. Izanami

Known as the queen of the underworld, Izanami is the strongest Noragami character in the series, being the mother of the first gods. His power and authority allow him to command up to millions of Yomi hordes to hunt down, punish, and kill his targets.

Compared to other gods, Izanami cannot leave the kingdom, as she cannot use shinki, which are pure souls that would come to the underworld. One of his best skills is creating the Mandates of Hell.

3. Father

Father is the wish that resulted from the birth of Yato. He is a ghost wizard who has been around for centuries. It is kept alive through the human bodies it possesses. Father hates and deceives the gods.

He is in possession of at least two brushes, which gives him the ability to summon and control Ayakashi. It can also hide them in human bodies. Its power and abilities are unknown.

4. Arahabaki

We continue with Arahabaki, a god defeated by the heavens for having reincarnated. One of the guards took control to guide him to his shinki, Shingun. This is one of the strongest shinki in the sky. Although it is not a blessed royalty, its power goes beyond.

It can transform into a ship and an army of horses. He has the ability to wear down his opponents long before they get close to him.

5. Bishamonten

Another of the most powerful Noragami characters is Bishamonten, better known as Bishamon. It is part of the 7 gods of fortune, as the goddess of war is one of the most powerful. She is also loved and adored by humans for her incredible power and deity.

Bishamon’s main shinki is Kazuma, a Blessed Regalia who has been shown to have defeated Kiun. Kiun is another of the strongest gods. His ship form, with the ability to navigate and track others, is practically a god without weaknesses.

6. Kofuku

We cannot fail to mention Kofuku, who is the goddess of poverty. By belonging to a group of gods that are not worshiped by humans. They are considered nameless gods, but despite this, their abilities are powerful.
Kofuku is infamous among the sky gods due to her power to make bad omens or poverty follow her. Since it allows to open portals to the underworld, in addition to destroying good luck. Also despised for its ability to destroy the immense Good Fortune of the Seven Gods.

7. Tail

Finally, to end Nogarami season 3 and parts of the Noragami characters, we introduce you to Cola or Rabo. Despite being one of the main antagonists and a god of Calamity like Yato. He is a very important character. He has the ability to manipulate water, with which he could create explosive clones and water spheres to trap enemies.

This technique was used with his shinki Nora, known as Reiki, to be able to attack Yato. In addition to this, it could summon and store ghosts, as well as merge with them. Cola had a showdown against Yato in the second half of the series but lost.

Tell us in the comments which is your favorite of the Noragami Characters.

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