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No matter the state of the economy, the car wash has been a steady staple in towns and cities across America.

These days, with the implementation of low-cost washes with free vacuums, they are more popular than ever. So, the question which you now have to answer is if you’re ready to start car wash construction California style? A more important question to consider … where should you build it?

Homework is needed to obtain the answers — something you already know if you’re a business owner. If you don’t own a business right now, then get ready to drive across your municipality or the one where you want to build the car wash. Do a search on the Internet and drive to your future competition. Look at the exterior and, if they have one, the interior waiting area. Find out what they charge, what upgrade options they have, and if drivers have everything done for them or it’s partially automated. Run your car through their cycle. What equipment do they use, and how good is it?

If you see some faults and read negative reviews on places like Yelp there’s a good chance you can build not too far away from existing washes. If they are top quality and what you propose matches what they do, then consider another location.

What you want to look for is an area which has moderate to heavy vehicle traffic which is easy to access directly or via an outlet like a business road. You need a space to fit the wash, vacs, cleaning facilities, and spaces for extra detailing or other options. Where don’t you want to build a car wash? Central city locations with inexpensive and reliable public transportation and more pedestrians than cars. A car wash in this heavily-urban area may not work at all.

When you’ve made the decision on a location you want to speak with an organization which supports car washes. Companies like Fastech offer a range of services — from traffic analysis and feasibility studies to construction, equipment, and other related products. Don’t skimp when it comes to choosing a company to work with you. Going cheap can lead to damaged vehicles and greater losses.

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