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Microsoft looks to the future with hololens

Microsoft made conference content: Presented Windows 10, DirectX 12 and Hololens. The latter is what concerns us today.

While Facebook bought “Oculus VR” and Sony develops “Morpheus” (both virtual reality devices) Microsoft takes another path and points to the Augmented Reality. And although I like what is meant by “Google glasses”, those of the windows go one step further with “Hololens”.

“Hololens” to revolutionize entertainment and multimedia work. And the truth is that on paper looks luxurious! Impractical tell you in words how the device works so you’d better to take a look at the videos you put yesterday’s conference, because no waste.

For those who are more skeptical, those of Microsoft counted on a display device directly. We leave the video below so you bring forth your own conclusions.

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