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IMMERSIS: Immersive 3d Projection Mapping In Your Living Room!

Like the concept, IllumiRoom Microsoft introduced at CES there two years Immerse a new project in full crowdfunding campaign is a projector capable of displaying photographs, video games, 3D applications or videos panoramic 180 ° on the walls of your home.Immerse literally turns your living room into a giant panoramic screen.

Developed by the French company Catopsys this 3D projection mapping technology, resizes and distorts the real-time image or projected virtual environment, so that it adapts perfectly to 180 ° at room configuration in which is. The audience is then completely immersed in the heart of the virtual experience.

Immersive 3d Projection Mapping

When the virtual reality helmets like Oculus VR can be used alone and can have serious side effects (nausea, disorientation) Immersis provides an immersive experience to share with family and friends, sitting quietly on the couch.

The technology Immersis can integrate a TV, monitor or tablet within the projection. This will enjoy a better image resolution at the center of the experience, but also to imagine interactions, including touch, in the heart of the device.

Immersis is currently undergoing crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The inventors have already collected more than 100 000 dollars to advance their project. visit here for more article like this stuff.

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