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How to Promote Your Restaurant on Social Media

When you open a restaurant business, you can’t just expect to have people come through your door. When it comes down to it, you have to build a little bit of buzz and then announce the opening of your restaurant. If you don’t build this buzz, you may have an empty restaurant on your hands. One of the best places to build this buzz is on social media. Not only do you want to have social media account, you want to get really active with your social profiles and you want to get engaged with your followers. It can also help to have some other tips and tricks for promoting your restaurant using these social mediums. Here is how to promote your restaurant on social media.

  1. Create your account well before you open your restaurant – you want to make sure that you start building a following. When you do open your restaurant, you want to invite your following to the opening and hopefully you will have a packed house. When you do make the invite, you want to cross-pollinate it across your social media pages and profiles.
  2. Start multiple social media pages and profiles – it is important to diversify your social media presence. Not only do you want to be on a web based social media platform, you also want to be on a mobile-based social media platform. This will help you broaden the exposure of your restaurant. Moreover, it will help you cater certain campaigns to various demographics. Indeed, each social media platform will have a specific demographic that is a primary or dominant user. If you are a chain restaurant, tapping into these various demographics is incredibly important.
  3. Connect with your following – any restaurant consultancy firm, like the The Gilkey Restaurant Consulting Group, will be able to tell you how important it is to connect with your following. When it comes down to it, you want to not only comment, but you also want to like and acknowledge other pages. The more you connect, the more people will connect with your pages. Social media is called social media for a reason, because you don’t want to be the odd one out – you don’t want to be the social media wallflower.
  4. Once you have a following on social media, you want to use it to blast out discounts, bargains and other information. If you are offering a special at your restaurant for a certain price, you want to use your accounts to get the news out. Some social media sites will even allow you to promote content, which will spread the content beyond your core following.
  5. Post lots of food pics – when you have a restaurant and you are promoting your business through social media platforms, you want to make your business look appetizing. Ideally, you want to shoot with professional cameras and lighting – or you may want to use the filters available on your social media account. In the end, if your food doesn’t look delicious, it will negate the purpose of having a social media presence in the first place.

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