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6 keys for how to make a YouTube intro

If you are looking for how to make an intro for your YouTube channel but you don’t know how to make a YouTube intro or how long it should last, this video will solve your doubts.

I will give you the best tips to do your intro and I will also tell you how you can do it in a few steps.

How to make a YouTube intro

It is the video platform par excellence and the reference when watching videos. I will not tell you much more, because you already know it well.

The differences between YouTube with respect to Instagram are:

It is intended to be viewed on multiple media from mobile, tablet or computer, to television

1. Must be short: maximum 10 secondshow to make a YouTube intro

No one, especially if they don’t know you, wants to see 30 seconds or more of introduction to a video.

Think about it, have you never been bored when you watch your favorite series or a YouTube channel that has a very long intro? Most of the time we tend to spend it or, in the worst case on YouTube, change video.

If they don’t know you they will want to know the answer to your problem quickly. And if they know you, they will not want to see again the long intro in which you summarize again and again the videos that can be found on your channel.

Then, be brief and the shorter your intro/opening the better.

2. It must be clearhow to make a YouTube intro

I’ve ever seen introductions that include animations with explosions or an aesthetic that has nothing to do with the channel.

Your intro must be clear and consistent with the content and visual identity of your business. It is a way to strengthen your brand while announcing: “start the video”.

3. Use music according to your audience and your product or service

Please, nothing to put a techno song with a nutrition video, etc.

Play a song that matches the energy level that your video transmits and that your audience expects to see. And do not forget two important things: that it is lower than the voiceover (if any) and that it is royalty-free music. It is one of the best keys for how to make a YouTube intro.

4. Try to be novel and different as possiblehow to make a YouTube intro

Although you will not be creating different intros for each video, you can add some element or something that makes it different.

For example, you can add the video title and change it every time.

Or you can change the colors according to the video categories of your channel.

Or you can add something unique every time like a recording or question from your subscribers. There are some who add the voice of their followers, videos or messages they have received.

Of course, all this depends on you, but these small changes can help your loyal subscribers not get bored with your introduction while you reinforce your brand identity.

5. If you are a generalist, you may think that your content is bad

Using an intro helps reinforce your brand image. Your viewers will see coherence between the thumbnails, the header, the style of the video, your website and all the content you create.

Therefore, although it is recommended, if you add an intro taken from an image bank and without any relation to your content, it may seem that it is bad and consequently, that your content is also bad.

6. The intro must go after the presentation

And to finish with these 6 tips to create a good intro for your channel, remember that the intro should go (in my opinion) behind the first seconds of hook and presentation. It is one of the best keys for how to make a YouTube intro.

And I say this because I believe that having an intro of more than 10 seconds and right at the beginning, is almost a guarantee that many people will leave if they watch the video. People look for quick answers and they will only give you a few seconds to convince them to stay. And I doubt that an introduction achieves this.


The truth is that only you can decide if you want to add intro or not. As I said, it helps to strengthen your visual identity. Perhaps it is because we are accustomed to the traditional method of television and that is why an introduction makes us think that it is a more professional video than one without it. Those are the best keys for how to make a YouTube intro.

Actually I think this depends on the content and how good it is. Good content will succeed no matter how the video is or how it starts. The truth is that if you upload videos very often you can get to bore your audience with the intro. That is why it is your decision to assess whether you want to give it importance or not.

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Recommended applications to create an animated introduction for YouTube

Although you can create it 100% with editing programs such as After Effects, it is much easier and faster to use applications.

Photoshophow to make a YouTube intro

Although it may not seem it also allows you to add animations. In this case, you would have to do them yourself and have more work, but if you master it, it has the advantage that you can create the images and animation in the same program.


It is my favorite option. It has a very large gallery and effects to find the style and aesthetics that best suits your brand. You can also modify the colors you want It is a very intuitive application, easy and with many resources.

It is a payment program but you can do the intro with the trial period or join my academy, you know that Filmora subscription is included.

Moshowhow to make a YouTube intro

Finally, if you want to edit on mobile, the Moshow app also has a very interesting gallery to add animated titles and effects to your videos. It is an app that includes titles that you can use for free and apart, other paid if you wish. With the free version, you will be enough to create very striking videos.

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