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How to Find a Beautiful Budget-Friendly Wedding Venue

Picking the perfect venue for your wedding is second only to picking the perfect dress. But both have the potential to max out your budget if you’re not careful. And considering you also have to shell out the dough for a caterer, photographer, florist, DJ and sundry other vendors, it’s important to allocate funds appropriately and stick to your budget as much as possible. Unfortunately, this could put some restrictions on the venues you’re able to afford. But the good news is that you can find all kinds of ways to save on beautiful wedding venues that also suit your budget. Here are some tips and tricks to employ.

If budget is a major consideration in the wedding planning process because your funds are tight, the first thing you need to do when considering venues is check the cost. Before you look at photos and fall in love with the place, make sure you can afford it! As for selecting venues that are likely to be within your price range, there are a couple of things to look for that will herald a budget-friendly establishment.

First, you can check out public locales. Parks and other public spaces can be rented at very low prices from the city by simply contacting your local Department of Parks and Recreation. Like most venues, you’ll have to plan in advance to make sure you can secure your preferred date – you’re not the only one to have this budget-friendly idea. But you could end up finding beautiful public spaces featuring gazebos, rose gardens, water features, and other amenities that make for a truly magical wedding venue.

You should also consider non-traditional wedding venues. Sometimes museums, zoos, historic sites, concert halls, theaters, vineyards, and even office buildings will rent out spaces for weddings. You may prefer a historic building like The Cadre Building that is set up to handle large events, but thinking outside the box could net you some savings. It could also cost more, though, so you definitely need to comparison shop before you get your hopes up. Don’t hesitate to look into local hotels, ballrooms, and country clubs, for example, but check out other venues, as well, that may be lesser known but also less expensive.

One good option is a meeting hall. The local Elks Lodge, American Legion Hall, or community center could provide ample space at discount prices. Although you will probably have to bring in outside decorators, caterers, and other vendors, not to mention rent tables, chairs, place settings, and more for your wedding reception (amenities that high-end venues are more likely to provide), you could end up with a magnificent space in a historic building for a lot less money by going this route.

And of course, you should ask about discounts and packages wherever you go. Even if a venue doesn’t normally discount bookings, they may offer packages that provide savings when you bundle with affiliated vendors (caterers, DJs, etc.) that they frequently work with. You’ll never know unless you ask, and you could end up getting a spectacular deal on your venue and other needed services.

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