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How Can a Building Survey Report Help?

A building survey is the detailed examination and evaluation of a commercial building and its services in enough detail to allow a professional surveyor to advise accurately what effect the state of the building will have upon a potential customer/owner. Building surveys are an essential way of knowing if you want to get the best value for money when selling your property. In the United Kingdom and Ireland building surveys are often referred to as building assessments, or private market valuation. Such a title would suggest a degree of industry knowledge on the part of the surveyor, but this isn’t the case in all countries. Building surveys are undertaken by a trained and qualified individual and must follow certain industry standards and you can find Building Survey Manchester professionals at companies like Sam Conveyancing.

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The majority of commercial properties in the UK are normally “green”, which means that they meet building regulations and codes. However, some commercial properties do not meet these regulations and building survey companies or individuals will carry out their own independent survey of the property to check whether it meets the guidelines. It is usually the case that a market value surveyor will advise the buyer that his investment may be under-valued. If this is the case then the seller should consider paying more for their property in order to bring it up to market value. It is possible to save money on a building survey if the owner sells their property within the current time frame before the surveyor carries out any work.

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When a building surveyor inspects a property they will check the roof, walls, stairs, garden, grounds, electricity and water supply, internal wiring, fittings, timber flooring, structural soundness, external conditions, slope and drainage. Whilst the actual inspection will depend upon the specific requirements of the property, most inspections will include a visual examination and a consideration of the condition. There are several ways a building survey can be carried out. These include: a “dry run” where the inspector lets the prospective tenants go through the property and note everything that is visible and not. An inspection by an individual can be informal or a more thorough survey which is undertaken by a qualified surveyor who will discuss with the owner how to improve the property.

Building surveyors can also carry out Roof Trusses and Drain Repairs as well as carry out appliance repairs such as replacement boilers. Many building surveys are also capable of inspecting loft conversions. Specialist equipment such as thermal imaging cameras and laser-scanning equipment are also used. Some building surveys are carried out by just one surveyor, whilst others may have multiple specialists or sub-contractors. The majority of building surveys are usually undertaken by experienced tradesmen who have many years experience in the industry and they usually specialise in either domestic or industrial construction.

One of the main issues covered in a building survey report is woodworm. A woodworm infestation can be detected if the woodworm spores are found within the walls or floorboards. These spores will normally only cause minor damage but over time can cause major problems such as the collapse of a ceiling or a doorway. It is usual for the surveyor’s report to include recommendations on how to prevent future incidents and advise the homeowner on how to deal with the infestation.



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