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Getting a Dream Job in Web Design

Web design is becoming an increasingly popular career choice. Many web designers enjoy the creative aspect of the job and see their job as more of an art form rather than a technical exercise.

When it comes to jobs in web design, Southampton and other areas across the UK are rammed with opportunities – as more and more business owners are accepting the importance of developing an online presence.

Unfortunately, the popularity of a web design career has meant that there are massive amounts of competition to secure jobs amongst the most reputable design companies.

This article explores what web design companies are looking for when recruiting new staff.


The best web designers are those that can add the widest range complex modifications to a web page. This requires a firm knowledge of computer scripts such as HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Within these scripts are endless possibilities for website design, so it could take months – if not years – to gain a level of knowledge on par with some of the country’s highest paid web designers.

Many professional web designers are still learning the ins and outs of these scripts and, for some, continuing to learn new skills is one of the highlights of the job.


Just like most careers, the way to the top of the career ladder is to start at the bottom and climb. Many web design companies place high consideration on a candidate’s portfolio which can only be built over time.

Many of the top web designers were forced to start their career doing basic maintenance work, like fixing links and correcting typos whilst learning their trade from those above them.


Unlike most professional careers, there is no minimum level of qualifications needed to forge a successful career in web design. Employers might be impressed if you have attended courses in certain aspects of computer language, but as explained above, they are normally swayed much firmer by high levels of knowledge and experience.

The best way to begin a career in web design is get your feet wet and do it. Learn the basics, create a small portfolio and start applying for junior level positions.

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