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Fun Kid-Friendly Bead Projects for Rainy Days

Keeping the kids busy on a rainy day prevents them from using the word bored. Crafts keep them interested and focused. Using colorful beads allows them to express their artistic side and be proud of what they complete. One of the benefits of beads is that there are hundreds of varieties, you can click here to get some ideas on colors and shapes.

Bead Strand Bracelets

Bracelets are fun for kids to make. Girls may enjoy making a bracelet for each of their close friends. Consider suggesting a matching friendship bracelet and include a special charm displaying friendship as well.

Boys may not be as interested in making bracelets unless it’s as a gift for a female member of the family. Have a short discussion about how a handmade gift makes it much more special. Offer a little advice with some of the receiver’s favorite colors to use in the design.

Beaded Refrigerator Clips

Children enjoy displaying their artwork and exceptional school grades on the refrigerator. For this craft, use larger chip clips. Children can use kid-safe glue and a variety of beads to personalize their very own clip. This will help them have a dedicated place on the refrigerator to hang whatever they wish to display. It also helps to prevent arguments over a specific clip between children too.

Beaded Photo Frames

Help the kids make custom beaded photo frames to create special collages for their bedrooms. Select a photo frame with multiple sections. Help them decide which memories or small colored pictures to add into the collage. Allow the kids to use whatever beads they see fit to make the finished project something that they will be proud to have hanging in their bedrooms.

Craft Project Safety Tips

Use child-friendly glue for all bead projects requiring affixed beads. In case the children get curious, this type of glue will not harm them. Always stay with your children right at the craft table. Younger children may want to eat the beads. As long as you are there, you can prevent these types of accidents from occurring.

Keeping craft projects available for rainy days keeps peace in the house. Letting kids have a bit of creative freedom is even better. They are likely to want to show every guest their finished projects. Projects like this make memories and create traditions that they can carry on with as they have children of their own.

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