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Fun Crafts Activities for Parents and Kids

The possibilities are practically unlimited when it comes to setting aside time to do crafts projects as a family. Whether your kids are barely out of diapers or they’ve got one foot out the door on the way to being too cool to hang out with parents, you’ll find that there is no shortage of activities to try. And you can not only use the time as a way to teach your kids new skills or help them gain confidence in their creativity and capability, but you can also spend quality time together as a family. Here are just a few fun craft ideas that everyone can get on board with.

You’ll obviously want to opt for simpler projects if your kids are toddlers, but you can do more than finger painting and macaroni art. For example, you might want to create multimedia projects using paper, paint, markers, and more. Let the kids go wild applying colors and abstract designs to their hearts’ content. From there you can frame the results to create a colorful and unique display in your home. Or you could cut large sheets of paper into smaller swaths to use as one-of-a-kind greeting cards for family and friends.

As kids get a bit older you can try more complex and challenging activities. If you’re interested in crafting with a purpose, why not decorate frames to send out as holiday gifts for extended family members and friends? It could make for a much more personal way to send out your holiday photos and give recipients a built-in means of displaying them. Start with nude wood frames and provide kids with plenty of glue and festive decorations. Paint, glitter, yarn, ribbons, buttons, and more make for excellent craft possibilities. But you could also take the kids on a nature hike to collect fallen pine cones and needles, colorful leaves, twigs, and more to decorate their frames.

Fun Crafts Activities for Parents and Kids

While you’re at it, you could even use some of these same elements to make holiday ornaments and decorations. Dab some craft glue on pine cones and let kids sprinkle them with glitter. When they’re dry, add a loop of string to hang them or simply fill your favorite bowl or hurricane glass with sparkly pine cones and more traditional ornaments to create a cool and kitschy centerpiece. Or don’t even wait for the holidays – display them now!

Don’t forget, crafts activities don’t necessarily have to take place at home. Consider frequenting a paint-your-own pottery studio supplied by Contemporary Ceramic Studios, just for example. Your kids can take ready-made ceramics (mugs, plates, figurines, etc.) and get creative painting them. Or you can turn summer activities like hikes into crafting opportunities later on by having kids pick wildflowers and press them in books. Down the line you can use them for decorations on cards, photo frames, and other crafts. You can probably come up with plenty of creative crafts activities on your own, but if you could use a little help, you need only search online. You’ll find plenty of tips and ideas to try from craft experts and parents like yourself.

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