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From Top-Secret Military To Civilian Use

If a soldier from 25 years ago was transported to today, they would be surprised to learn that many of the devices that were once considered top-secret are now being used by civilians on an everyday basis. The truth is that there are many devices that the public currently uses that they had no idea were initially made for military use.

For example, just about every single automobile, every single cell phone, tablet, and most laptops benefit from GPS. Global positioning systems satellites were first invented by the United States Department of Defense in the 90’s. It was used to help the military keep track of its assets, as well as help the military identify targets to strike. However, in the late 1990’s, President Clinton requested GPS become available to everyone. And now even a child can use GPS to find their way where they need it.

Another military invention that is used every single day is freeze drying. Now, you might be wondering when the last time was that you actually used freeze-drying. Well, have you recently eaten Dipping Dots while at the mall, at the fair, or some other event? If so, you have benefited from freeze drying. Originally, this technology was designed to help soldiers transport medical supplies that needed to be refrigerated. Now, it allows children to enjoy a tasty dessert.

Another invention that was originally invented for the military was the EpiPen. This is a simple contraption that people carry around when they are allergic to insect bites, especially wasp or honeybees. It gives you a quick shot of an epinephrine, allowing you to fight off the allergic reaction. Interestingly, this device was first designed for soldiers to carry around when they were at risk of being a victim of a nerve agent or a chemical weapon. Now, it’s used to protect people from bees.

One of the more recent entries that were first used in the military and now are used by the common people are drones. Drones allowed the military to do unmanned surveillance and perform unmanned strikes on targets. They are fast, easy to control, and exceptionally powerful. In the last decade, drones have become available to the common public. Although these devices do not have weapons, they are powerful tools for reconnaissance, aerial photographs, and just as a way to have fun. Drones have become so popular that people can actually carry around a drone charging station to keep their drone fully charged no matter where they are.

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