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Four free sites to create your own comics

The Internet has made it easy for anyone to create their own comics, although the pleasure of reading on paper the strips of the great geniuses is still essential for fans. We share four free sites to create your own comics.

Regardless of your talent as an artist or comedian, the possibility of creating this comic art is available to anyone free of charge, flexible and at the click of a mouse. If you like comics and want to emulate the great Stan Lee recently deceased, we leave you a selection of free sites to create your own.

Free sites to create your own comics

MakeBeliefsComixcreate your own comics

A creator of comics very simple to use for the youngest of the house, with whom to have a good time with your children in these days of vacations. It also has enough options so that adults can transmit a message with the possibility of choosing between 25 characters to fill a comic strip of two, three or four panels. It is one of the free create your own comics.

The preset options that make the site so easy to use can also be slightly limiting and your comics can look pretty generic. It only has four different expressions for each character. The advantage of this is that you can finish a basic comic book online in 10 minutes. Its creator is Bill Zimmerman, author of numerous books ( Make Beliefs: A Gift for Your Imagination ) and aims to “offer a selection of characters with different moods and the ability to write words and thoughts for them. ”

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Pixtoncreate your own comics

More level than the previous one and more dedicated to the artists of the house. The site allows the greatest possible customization without the need to create from scratch. For example, instead of simply choosing the color of a character’s shirt, there are options to adjust the collar, shape, sleeves, and size of the garment. Instead of depending on pre-established postures and emotions for each character, users can click and drag the characters’ extremities to new positions and customize the eyes, ears, noses, and hairstyles.

It also allows you to add images from Flickr or Google and successful comics compete every day for a place in the Pixton Top 10.

ToonDoocreate your own comics

Halfway between the two previous ones, bet by the balance between the creative versatility and the ease of use, assuring good final results. It offers a wide library of characters and objects to use in your cartoon, but has tools to give your own touch, TraitR to create personalized characters; DoodleR that allows you to paint freely and ImagineR if you want to manipulate your own photos or another image.

Unlike other comic book creation sites, there is an option to save the project in the middle of creation and be able to return to it later. When you finish a handful of cartoons, you can compile a book and facilitate its embedding of individual cartoons on a website or share them through social networks, in addition to printing them at high quality.

Strip Generatorcreate your own comics

There are not too many opportunities to create a personal style with Strip because you must work with the characters that the site offers, although that does not mean you can not be creative. The thematic galleries of the community are a testimony to this. It is one of the free create your own comics.

A unique capacity is the adjustable frames. If you need a specific cell to be a little wider or longer, you can do it simply by dragging and dropping with a mouse. Another outstanding feature is the personal library, where you can include your best images to use later in any comic.

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