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Force of the Will, a sinister anime film

We are not big fans of 3D emulating 2D, but in this case almost have to take it back. Force of the Will is a Japanese film that will soon see the light, based on a card game very known in Japan with the same name and created by EijiShishido.

This film consists of 6 short films (we assume that the formula will look like Animatrix) and are scheduled to launch by 2018. This work is being carried out by Shuhei Morita and Tatsuyuki Tanaka (Yamato Works studio).

The work is presented as the view of some Japanese young talent eager to tell stories, and seems set in the world of “Cthulthu” HP Lovecraft and the folk tales of the Brothers Grimm. We leave you with the videos to see what you think.

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