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How to Extract Audio from a Youtube Video and Download Songs

How many times have you heard a song on YouTube that you would have liked to save? And it sure happened to you also with some sound or audio. The good news is that we are going to tell you how to extract the audio from a YouTube video in a simple way, as we like to propose in this guide. In a few minutes, with these steps, you can extract the sound from the videos and thus be able to take advantage of it at any time without any restriction.

Extract audio from a YouTube video

To start, you need the VLC Player program. You can download it easily by searching for it on Google in versions available on Mac, Windows and Linux. Once downloaded, perform the installation process.

Step 1:

If you are still interested in knowing how to extract the audio from a YouTube video, we must tell you that what you need next is to have the video in question stored on your computer. This is not difficult by download. We recommend using one of the pages specialized in it, such as For the highest quality, the file must have the.MP4 format extension.

Step 2:

Open the VLC Player program that you have installed before. Click on the “Media” button and then on “Convert / Save.” Press the button that allows you to search through the files on your computer and select the video file downloaded from YouTube.

Step 3:

Choose the conversion option to transfer the video file to a sound document in an MP3 format. If you prefer another type of extension, both FLAC and OGG are also available. The most advisable, when knowing how to extract the audio from a YouTube video, is to choose the extension MP3. It is the one that always offers great sound quality.

Select the path of your computer where the file resulting from the conversion will be stored. With this, you will have the sound of the YouTube video that you have previously downloaded isolated. Repeat the process if need. Keep Reading funny videos maker app

Steps to download songs from YouTube

If you want to download a song from YouTube to enjoy it on your computer without being connected, you have to try these websites.

One of the options offered by this website is to download songs or any audio in MP3 format. In addition, it does so without the need to install any program on the computer, since it is carried out from the browser you are using. can be used both from the PC and from the mobile phone and its use is simple. You have to enter the URL of the video and download it in MP3. When the video is converted, you have to download the resulting file.

Very similar to the previous websites, is this where we also have to paste the URL into a search bar. In the same way, this search offers us a thumbnail of the video in question and we can download its content in MP3. Likewise, it also lets us download the video itself in different formats.

There are many times when this service is not available. It occurs in many music videos. But if what you are going to see is a movie trailer or some web series or content of that type, you will most likely have this possibility.

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