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Enlarging The Bedroom

If you have a small bedroom, there are several renovation ideas that can make it seem larger even if you decide not to add more space to the house. There are general contractor leads you can find who will give you an idea as to what it might cost to paint, install new flooring or complete other details that will make the room seem larger.

One of the ways that you can upgrade a small bedroom is to use vibrant patterns. These would include floral prints in brighter colors like teal and orange, but don’t use flowers that are too big because it can make the room seem like a florist. Waves are a good idea as well. A bare hardwood floor will make any pattern that you use stand out a bit more and bring out the details in multiple colors that are used in a design.

If you have a bedroom that is just so small that there is no room for any furniture, consider adding a Murphy bed. This is a bed that is installed in the wall and pulls down when needed. You’ll find that it makes it easier to have a desk and a few other items in the room, but you need to make sure that there isn’t a lot of furniture in front of the area where the bed is located. This is an option for guests if you want to use the bedroom as a spare.

Creamy colors can make a world of difference when it comes to making a room seem larger. You could also renovate to remove small windows and add a picture window. The window can be covered with flowing curtains, allowing you to look out over the yard or another area that is outside the bedroom. Sometimes, a small bedroom might be best if it’s cozy with neutral colors, soft blankets and a plush carpet. Renovations can include adding a softer carpet and new paint that is a bit darker than beige or tan that is sometimes seen in a bedroom. Eliminate windows to add a smaller window above the bed so that you can focus on the lighting to make a comfortable and relaxing environment.

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