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Enhance The Effect With Chroma

Most of the people are not aware of Chroma but it is quite popular as we all see it on the television screen. When you are shooting and want to use the Chroma key. The advantages of the key are numerous and it can easily transform the screen where cars burn, skyscrapers collapse and when you have to capture astonishing landscapes. The tips that you have to follow for using the key are many but you have to take note of some of the special effects which transform the picture quality all at one go.

With colour backdrops that are soft and can add various video clips in the background you have the advantage of editing tools. Professional way of creating the effect with Movavi software is as follows:-

Video editor to be downloaded-the charm of Chroma is bestowed with the uniqueness in the software. The file is run first and then it has to be installed by following certain instructions from the Wizard.

Files of media to be imported to the programme- the video editor has to be launched and then importing of files begin. You can change the colour of the background and can make necessary changes to it as well. Number of clips is present which adds solid colours and layers into the site. For more information you can always learn about them from the different pages.

Video track to be added- to add the track of video you have to click on certain options and then you need to insert the track as well.

Background level- the background should be solid for you can always drag the file onto it. Whether you want to add pictures, music and whole lot of things you can all do it easily.

Effect- the final effect is created with the Chroma key since it is a tool which is special and you can always add pictures, symbols and colours to it. Then when you are done with all the effects you have to save the movie in the desired format. You can distribute the movie that you have made to your friends.

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