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Easy GIF Animator

In the past, the major drawback of this implementation has been useful interface. The latest edition of Easy GIF Animator corrects that problem and not look back. The new control panel is easy to use, with a nice, well marked and optional splash screen that even the greenest novice can understand.

The application creates animated banners, buttons or other web images more easily than enough for web novices but deep enough for those who need it most. When creating a new image, you have the option to choose how often the animation sequence is played, how many frames per second the game, and where the image is positioned in relation to the structure. Inserting blank frame in the animation sequence can be done with a single click, and a handful of common graphics tools included so you can tweak the color, line, or the details of the source. You can also save animation in Flash and add music and sound to it, making the application more useful to beginners.

In general, easy to use and reliable program will help first-time website owners to add a little shine without extensive knowledge of coding or a big budget.

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