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Doing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Right: 3 Core Tips

PPC advertising, when done right, can be a boon for your business. With good ads, you can greatly increase the number of visitors to your site, which can greatly increase your sales. But, like any other form of marketing, simply getting out in front of potential customers is not enough to pique interest. Your ad is just one in a sea of many, and you need to stand out. PPC is something that can take a lot of trial and error, and you must be willing to regularly test different ads, and track results to get ride of what isn’t working, and make what is work even better.

Whether you have a limited ad budget, or fat marketing coffers, it might be a good idea to consider working with a marketing company if you lack experience in this arena. If you want to go solo, that’s fine too, just be prepared for a learning curve, and know when it might be time to call in the pros if you really find yourself struggling.

What is Your Objective?

This might seem kind of obvious—to get people to buy our products and services, and make more money. No need to really think much about this one, right? Wrong. There are lots of different paths to this desired end result, and in order to create an effective PPC campaign, you need to think of your specific objectives for this particular one. Are you hoping to increase subscribers to your newsletter? Do you want to drive more traffic? Are you primarily focused on increasing brand awareness? This clarity will aid you in creating effective copy, and choosing the best keywords on which to focus.

Link to a Relevant Landing Page

Unless your goal is to simply drive people to your site, make sure you link your advertisement to a relevant landing page. For example, if you are advertising a particular product or service, make sure they are going right to the page with said product or service. And, while on the subject of the landing page, make sure it is set up in way that makes it as easy as possible for the visitor to do whatever it is you are hoping they do once they get there, whether it is subscribe to your newsletter, make a purchase or an inquiry for more information.

Crafting Effective Copy

This can be a bit tricky—you have to pack a punch with a limited amount of words. You have a couple of seconds to grab attention before attention goes elsewhere. Here are a few core considerations to form the foundation of an effective ad.

You must identify what is different about your company, compared to competitor; you need some hook to show why you are better than the others. The call-to-action is crucial. Of course you know you want people to click the ad, and readers know they are being marketed to, in hopes they will take action. But, without a call-to-action specifically telling them to do whatever it is you want them to do, they will be less likely to do it. So, make sure it is blatantly clear what the next step should be. People don’t care about your company; features are not as interesting as benefits. People want to know how buying your product or service will be good for them, so make sure your copy is oriented towards benefits. Visit for more tips.

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