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Corporate responsibility and the monster with a message

In the current climate of greater social conscience and environmental awareness, it has been widely reported that corporate responsibility and charity engagement are the new buzzwords of modern business. Whether large or small, at home or abroad, a variety of businesses are now finding new and exciting ways to benefit their communities, contribute to existing charities and causes, or expand responsibly in relation to the environment. Even in recent years a number of highly-recognisable companies have come under scrutiny for their apparent disregard for any consequences beyond profits, which may have been as disastrous as oil spills and the destruction of environments or on a smaller scale such as local pollution or irresponsibility.

Corporate responsibility and the monster with a message

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It comes as a refreshing change to see businesses embracing ways in which they can not only engage and serve their customers but also their communities.

Leading by example

Companies such as the BBC have elected to publish an annual performance review of their corporate responsibility goals, increasing their transparency and ensuring the public can hold them to account. Inspiring the public, both young and mature, to consider involvement in the arts was a recent goal. The Charity Commission lists recognised and reputable charities to enable businesses ‒ and individuals ‒ to make an educated choice about which charity to support and how to go about it.

Engaging consumers

Discount holiday and flight specialist is taking steps to ensure that the business is contributing to charitable causes. Working with People Against Poverty and Business Against Poverty, the company focuses its funding on programmes that align with its core values of integrity and conscience. Charity involvement, sponsorship opportunities and further engagement with customers are all now integral to this successful, contemporary company, with Monster’s adorable mascot Malcolm the Monster publicising his adventures on Facebook and beyond. This is a little monster with a message: not only does he give holidaymakers helpful hints and tips but also he plays a vital role in promoting the company’s chosen charities and raising awareness of its good work.

With a combination of corporate responsibility and individual social conscience, it is now becoming easier than ever to contribute to meaningful projects, initiatives and charities. With social media and easier communication worldwide, we are arguably more connected than ever before; however, it is more important that there is a corresponding increase in empathy and benefiting one another. Businesses are leading the way in demonstrating that good business practice is now synonymous with conscience, compassion and togetherness.

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