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Celebrity Wedding Day Beauty Blunders

Every bride to be is of course anxious to look her absolute best on the biggest day of her life and is normally the main focus of attention. There are also other major players in the event who want to pull off a stylish look, not least the mother of the bride. Famous people normally look great at their weddings, however not every celebrity bride or celebrity mother of the bride will get it right.

Celebrity Wedding Day

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According to the Office for National Statistics, well over a quarter of a million marriages took place in the UK in 2012 and this figure seems set to rise. That’s a lot of marriages and often we look to celebrity weddings for inspiration for our own big day.

Beauty Gaffes

Even the rich and famous can sometimes get it wrong when it comes to the look they choose for their wedding day and style website has listed a few major blunders. Flawless beauty Elizabeth Taylor was trying for a fresh look at her wedding to Richard Burton, but unfortunately misjudged the amount of flowers that she used to accessorise her hairstyle.

When Priscilla Ann Wagner married Elvis Presley, her perfect natural beauty was completely covered up by makeup that was far too heavy and made her look deathly pale in the wedding photos.

Nicole Kidman is one celebrity who can usually be relied upon to look fantastic, but at her wedding to Keith Urban her eyebrows were far too heavy.

Perfecting the Right Style

If you are the mother of a bride to be, there is a lot of advice out there to help you shine on your daughter’s wedding day, such as that at Styleandthebride.

Make sure that your outfit is not too short or revealing and be sure to consult your daughter to ensure that she is happy with the look you have chosen. Accessories can make or break an outfit, so choose good quality finishing touches such as a great bag or jewellery. Your hair and makeup should be elegant and understated rather than over the top glamorous; this is one occasion when it’s a really worthwhile investment to have your hair and makeup done by a professional, possibly even with some practice sessions before the event so that you can be sure to make your daughter proud.


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