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What are the different types of dimmer systems?

The four examples of dimmer switches include:

Integrated: These dimming products are really flexible. You can use it to create several pre-set lighting modes for the room. Then, a switch on the wall or wireless control is used to select settings.

Slide: A Slide dimmer provides manual control of your lighting. Some sliding dimmers also have a button to easily switch back to the previous setting.

Touch: This type of dimmer enables changes in lighting with just one button. Instant recall means the system will also revert back to the previous light setting, and some use the touch dimmer indicator light to show the current setting.

Rotary: This type of dimmer is also operated on a manual basis and are used with a dial. They can also come with a push-button control that allow you to turn off the lights or maintain the current setting. Remember to combine your new lighting fixture with a matching Ceiling Rose. Consider Ceiling Roses from Creative Cables.

Scene control

More sophisticated programmable control systems activate the switching and dimming of lights in the room that have been configured with a pre-set that can be recalled with the simple press of a button. These are pricier than manual options but do offer increased flexibility.

Save Energy and Money

Dimmer devices and similar systems are smart additions to your lighting as they conserve energy. They can also help your bulbs to last longer. Unlike incandescent bulbs, dimmer switches can improve the life of a halogen bulb. Dimming a fluorescent source would provide electricity saving and comfort control light levels.


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