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How to best place your TV for optimum viewing

Are you thinking of decorating your living room? What is more important – the décor or the television set? You can consider both when decorating and find the ideal place for your TV with this handy guide.

Important considerations

When choosing the ideal spot, there are two important things to consider: power and light. You need a power source not far from your TV that will be able to cope with everything you need to plug in, such as set top boxes and speakers. Don’t have the TV too far from the source, as this can look unsightly in addition to being a potential hazard. Where is your window, and are you going to get glare on the screen from it? Is the technology already in place?

On the level

Where is your screen going to be placed? The ideal place will be at eye level so that you are not straining to view either up or down. This will make viewing a comfortable experience for you. It is recommended that a TV should be roughly four feet off the ground, with optimum distance measured by multiplying the TV width by three.

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The focus

If your TV is the focus of the room, make sure everyone knows it. Do this by placing it in the middle of the seating and make sure you can access all your channels. If you are unsure how to set this up, experts such as this TV aerial installation Gloucester based company will be able to help you. If you have another focal point in your room, such as a mantlepiece, make sure the TV is adjacent so that they are not competing.

Integrating your screen

If you don’t want to make it obvious that you have a TV in your room, why not integrate it into the room? An easy way to do this is to frame it so that it looks attractive when not in use.

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Using the mantelpiece wall

It is becoming quite trendy to place your TV above your mantlepiece. While this could detract from a focal point, putting two in the same place can create a striking feature and make better use of an otherwise confined space if your room is small. If you are going to do this, make sure your TV has a flat screen.

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