Nanatsu No Taizai Characters

Nanatsu No Taizai Characters

Nanatsu no Taizai, also known as The 7 Deadly Sins is a shounen series illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki, which premiered in 2012 and was adapted into anime in 2014. There are currently four adapted seasons and the manga recently ended. In this Super Article, we are going to talk about the most important characters in
2D animation techniques

5 2D animation techniques

There are different forms of 2D animation. To delve deeper into the varied techniques through which two-dimensional animation can be performed, today we bring you: 5 2D ANIMATION TECHNIQUES. 2D animation is considered the oldest of the forms of animation. However, over the years, several techniques and tools have been added to develop it. This

Tips motion animation with Lego

Animating with Legos can be a great introduction to the traditional world of animation frame by frame. It can be a fun art and has generated its own sub-genre movies block. Create these films can be tedious at first, but with a little patience and good advice you can achieve your first film finished block.
popularity of animation

Increasing popularity of animation

Animation is a challenging method of creating a series of static images that minimally differ from each other. From previous times to this new generation, animation has always been an important part of television. Remember your favorite cartoon shows of childhood. The skill of animation was something that drove you towards them. Animation has now