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Best shoujo animes that you must watch

Shoujo animes are mainly anime for girls. The titles I’ll list here are ones you can watch with your kids, if you have them, or just feel like watching something lighthearted. Shoujo is a genre of anime and manga which is targeted at girls, usually aged between 15 and 18. The content tends to focus on relationships, often romantic ones. It can include a lot of different genres within it including romance, melodrama, action, science fiction and fantasy. The stereotypical “shoujo” anime artstyle usually includes huge eyes, hair with lots of volume and sparkles.

Best shoujo animes for Shoujo lovers

Best shoujo animes that you must watch

1- Candy candy

  Candy is set in an orphanage. I won’t spoil the story too much, but if you’re looking for an anime that’s very close to My Little Pony and Anime then give this show a watch.

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2- Angel Beats!

 Angel beats an anime about kids who have died and are trying to figure out where they go after they die. In the world, if you survive one week in your school of afterlife, then you will be reincarnated as any living thing of your choosing. All the characters in the school want to leave because that would mean a second chance at life. This anime is funny and sad, but if you’re into shoujo, then give it a try.

3- Uta no Prince Sama

  If you’ve ever played dating sims or visual novels such as Hatoful Boyfriend, then you’ll be familiar with this anime. The story follows Haruka, who has just graduated from high school and wants to become a songwriter. For her audition at the music college, she needs to write lyrics for six male students who are also attending there. The characters are all based on historical/cultural figures such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Saito.

4- Ouran High School Host Club

  Ouran is a show about a girl called Haruhi who finds herself admitted as a boy to an all-boys school. To pay for the damages she caused, she is forced to work in one of the host clubs. The story follows her life as a host and the comedic twists that appear in the story.

5- Tamako Market

  Tamako is a young girl who lives in a town where lots of mochi shops are set up. Her family owns one of these shops. The show follows her life as she grows up and faces problems with relationships, love and work.

6- Clannad

  If you’re ever going to watch a romance anime, Clannad is one of the best choices. This show will make you cry and have your heartbroken, but it’s worth watching if you enjoy shoujo animes.

7- Kokoro Connect

 This show follows five high school students who, after joining the school’s club, start to see strange things happening. The show is set in a high school so expect the character’s relationships with each other to have romantic elements.

8- Love Live!

  If you’ve ever watched Idol Master or Love Live, then you’ll be familiar with this title too. This anime follows lots of girls who are in a school idol group. Their goal in the anime is to save their school from being merged with another one by becoming famous.

9- Full Moon O Sagashite

  Full moon tells us the story of Eru, who discovers that she has only two months left to live because she’s suffering from an incurable disease. She is saved by a singer who inhabits a fairy and she makes a pact with her. In return for extending her life, Eru will become the next full moon fairy when the singer dies. The show follows their lives as Eru grows up with this burden on her shoulders, but with the help of new friends, their love for each other and their friends, they both attempt to solve the problem.

10-Suki ni Naru Sonna Mirai Kara

 In this show, two girls who live in completely different worlds become connected through a diary that was once owned by a girl called Sakura Yamauchi. The diary was passed onto Suwa before she died and through her diary entries, the two girls meet and become friends.

11-The World God Only Knows

  This show follows a boy called Keima who has the power to capture the hearts of girls through dating sim games. He is asked by someone unknown to help catch loose souls which are causing havoc in the human world. The girl he needs to capture is a girl called Elsie who happens to live in the human world.

12- Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

  This show follows Aono Shirayuki, a young girl who has an illness that means she can’t go outside when it’s very cold. She makes friends with a boy at her school who one day confesses that he likes her and she responds by rejecting him because of her illness. She then meets a wolf-man prince in the forest who tells her the disease was caused by his curse. He offers to undo it if she becomes his wife, but Aono knows she doesn’t love him and wants to find a cure for herself instead.

13-Daily Lives of High School Boys

  This show follows four high school guys who are in their last year at school. It shows us the funny situations they find themselves in and what kind of shenanigans they get up to during their free time, which is filled with pachinko playing, drinking games and studying for exams.

14- Vampire Knight

  Vampire Knight is set in a high school where vampires are allowed to enroll. Yuki, who is a student at the school, becomes interested in one of these vampires and his family’s problems. She wants to help him because she loves him, but there are many things that they need to overcome together.

15- Puella Magi Madoka Magica

  Madoka tells us the story of a young girl called Kaname who happens to be approached by Kyubey, a grey magical creature. He offers her a deal. In return for becoming a magical girl and fighting witches, she will have any single wish granted by Kyubey. However, the deal comes with a heavy price that will change her life completely.


These are just a few of the best shoujo anime out there. There are many more that I haven’t mentioned here, but these ones should definitely be on your watch list!

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