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Best romance anime movies of 2021

In Japan and the rest of the world, there will always be people who are delighted with romance. That is why the anime industry produces a large amount of Shoujo material, very varied and with stories of all kinds, making it difficult to find a Shoujo anime that does not fit the cliché description or remains within the genre losing its form. There is no perfect work, but without a doubt, some of these 6 best romance anime movies will steal your heart and fill your mind with longing. Who does not want to spend a beautiful afternoon devoted to love, remembering old moments or affirming feelings? We are human. We are the maximum representation of that beautiful emotion. We are its creators and worshipers of its existence.

Best romance anime movies

best romance anime movies

6. Zutto Mae kara suki deshita

Synopsis: It is a romance story that revolves around two high school students: Natsuki Enomoto and Yu setoguchi. After years of being together, both are companions and childhood friends who realize that they are in love, and that is when Natuski tries to declare to Yu confessing his feelings. Still, during the attempt, she gets nervous and ends up saying that it was only a practice to declare your love for someone else. Soon after, Natsuki is asked out by her classmate Koyuki Ayase, and that’s when things get complicated. Around them unfold stories of in-progress, frustrated or impossible love affairs between their classmates and friends.

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It is a film of the school romance genre released on April 23, 2016, in Japanese theatres. Should I confess and accept the risk of ruining our friendship? It is the classic question that all people in love with their best friend ask themselves, and the premise by which the story passes.

Fear, confusion, frustration, sadness, joy and love are some of the many sensations that the characters will go through, accompanied by songs from the HoneyWorks band that reinforces and tells part of the story.

It is a short film that has a good animation quality, and it is not a bad thing to highlight the effort that the studio made to adjust the drawing and the setting to the songs, in addition to the use of bad drawings for the characters’ expressions giving it a touch of charisma and humour.

The only negatives are the few kissing or very romantic scenes and the wide-open arches for many interpretations, but without a doubt, it is a movie that will leave us many messages.

5. Koe no Katachi (A silent voice)

Synopsis: Do you feel regret? Do you think you are guilty? These are the questions that invade the mind of Shoya Ishida, a young man who in his childhood enjoyed bothering his classmates and who during one of those years was dedicated to bothering the newcomer Shoko Nishimiya, who had hearing problems. After making jokes of all kinds, physical aggression and psychological abuse affect the young woman, which is why her mother decides to change her school. But Shoya is considered the culprit, and when he tries to say that it was not only him but that his classmates were participants, he ends up being ignored and subjected by his classmates, suffering everything that young Shoko went through, and that is when Ishida changes. He tries to redeem himself from his actions with Shoko and tries to seek her forgiveness.

Koe no Katachi is a film based on a manga of the same name, and due to its great popularity, it was inevitable not to be animated.

The story is original, and its theme is based on school bullying. You can appreciate the damage that bullying generates in a young person, both to the affected person and the aggressor. Without a doubt, this approach is an interesting beginning of the film.

The idea of ​​repentance and the search for forgiveness is what will guide our protagonist, who seeks to fix things. This film has beautiful animation, a very good soundtrack and above all, an exceptional character design, giving us a work to appreciate.

You may not consider this movie the best adaptation for those who read the manga, but despite its flaws, we assure you that this story will draw a tear full of emotion.

4. Tamako love history

Synopsis: Spring has arrived, and Tamako Kitashirakawa can’t stop thinking about something other than mochi. One afternoon, returning home from classes, one of her classmates starts talking about her future and the things they will do. That’s when they ask Tamako, and she answers without hesitation that she wants to continue working with the mochi business. At that moment, the boy who lives across the street and his best friend, Mochizu, decide to confess their feelings to him. Various things happen and make Tamako’s heart start to feel something.

This film is the continuation of the anime Tamako Market. They show us how it goes from being a comedy to a beautiful romance story. However, the plot is more oriented towards the female gender. It does not represent a true limitation for its observation.

This story revolves around a slow romance that is forming little by little. That does not have the classic complications of Japanese dramas because it presents us with a confession that has no problems and a pleasant relationship that could be said to be almost close to the ideal.

The animation is quite colourful and detailed, which makes it very pleasant to watch the movie. Without surcharges or surprise twists, Tamako love History will take you to see a sweet love story with an ending that will leave you wanting more.

3. Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda (The Hymn of the Heart)

Synopsis: This story brings us to Jun, a girl who lived happily with her family, until the day her words caused the divorce of her parents, feeling guilty she decided to escape, and it is there when she meets a fairy who takes away her ability to speak so that he could not continue hurting others. Jun remains isolated from everyone, but all this will change when she has to participate in a music festival.

This film delves into deep and serious existential dilemmas in life, presented in many young people, a cornerstone of Japanese drama anime. The film’s first half fascinates us with a far-removed story from romantic clichés and surprises us with twists in the plot that fill us with emotion.

The characters are not exaggerated, normal in fact, but identifiable by decorations and objects. The animation is simple and fluid, a little overloaded with colour, with a dim soundtrack with a slightly marked role in the film, but there is a good use of tones and sounds to give strength to certain situations.

And while it is not the studio’s best work and the writer, whose greatest success is still Charlotte, it is a great movie to pass the time and more if you want to see something innovative.

2. Kotonoha no Niwa (The Garden of Words)

Synopsis: Takao Akizuki is a 15-year-old student who wants to become a shoe designer. He likes rainy days, so he prefers to walk than take the train to school when it rains. On one of his walks in the rain, he meets a mysterious woman under a gazebo in a park who spends her time drinking beer and eating chocolates. So Takao will begin to have a closer relationship with this woman, meeting the two in the same place on rainy days to talk, while Takao draws shoes and the mysterious woman drinks beer and eats chocolates. But everything changes when the rainy season ends and Takao does not find such an excuse to miss school. The woman begins to attend her work, making Takao discover the true identity of his mysterious interlocutor.

Kotonoha no Niwa is a film with a somewhat simple, orderly and somewhat predictable story, but it combines narration and setting that makes it interesting. The writer tries to show us a story of forbidden love between two characters with different lifestyles, ways of thinking, and dreams. Even with so many differences, a love that surpasses everything can be born.

The animation in this movie is flawless and should be appreciated. It contains many details in the scenes, in the city’s landscapes or the garden, the reflections and the characters.

1. Kimi no na Wa (Your name)

Synopsis: Mitsuha is a young village girl whose father participates in the mayor’s elections. However, you long for the excitement of city life and so you have a wish; “Wanting to meet the handsome boy of her dreams who is sure to be in Tokyo”. One day, she dreams of a boy just as she wishes, but that boy in question, Taki, from the big city, dreams in turn of Mitsuha, a charming country girl. Taki and Mitsuha discover one day that their bodies exchange during sleep, and they begin to communicate through notes. As they clumsily overcome one challenge after another, a bond develops between them that gradually becomes more romantic.

Kimi no na wa was the highest-grossing film in 2016 in Japan, winner of various awards and received positive criticism from the audience.

It is a work that uses a cliché theme to give rein to a quite emotional and unique story. The most remarkable thing about the film is the harmonious balance of the fantastic scenes and landscapes, the excellent soundtrack, comedy, romance, science fiction and incredible characters with which you can end up hooked, and with a fairly rapid and coherent development plot that you will keep glued to the screen until the end.

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