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The 7 best programs to design logos

If you are thinking about designing a logo, we review the best programs that exist today to face the task. We share the best programs to design logos.

One of the most representative elements of a brand is without a doubt the logo. As a general rule, a logo has to be simple, eye-catching and with a professional appearance. Of course, we have to know what are the best programs to design logos that exist today.

The alternatives are many and varied. Each professional chooses their own programs or tools. But good to know what are the options when creating a logo.

The best programs to design logos

Here we share the 7 best software to create logos that exist today. Sure there are many other options but for us, these are the best:

Adobe Illustratorprograms to design logos

It remains one of the best programs to design logos. It has design tools of all kinds that offer the freedom of creativity enough to create almost any graphic. This is the most used program by professionals. It has a wide variety of tools with which you can practically do everything. It is also a program that in a short time you can do with it. At least in its most basic functions.

Its true potential is that it works with vector graphics. In this way, whatever the size of the logo will never lose quality. Without a doubt, the best option. It is one of the best programs to design logos.


A curious tool to design online logos with what is not necessary to install any software on the computer. You can create online logos even without knowledge or experience in graphic design. The service offers a huge collection of artistic works that can be used to create the logos. It also includes 10,000 icons and images, all created by professional designers. It can be a source of inspiration when making a design.

The user only has to choose his design, select a font type, add text, choose the colors and finally create a unique and original logo. You can create and save up to six free logos or also get the HTML code to use them online.

Summitsoft Logo Design Studioprograms to design logos

Like the previous one, it also allows us to design a logo without the need to install programs in the system. Its user interface is somewhat similar to Microsoft Office so it is easy to get used to its main functions. It includes more than 1,500 pre-designed logo templates classified into different categories from the food industry, to the cleaning industry.

There are also more than 5,000 objects to combine with colors, shapes, fonts or you can even import your own images to customize the logo. There is an option to use drawing tools and the possibility to print the logo in high resolution. Continue reading- How to create your own game without being an expert online games

Adobe Photoshopprograms to design logos

Although Photoshop is traditionally considered as a program of photo retouching today is much more than that. The tools included making it an extraordinary tool to design almost anything that comes to mind. Formerly Photoshop lacked tools for the creation of texts but little by little improvements have been incorporated that have alleviated this initial deficit.

Logo Maker

In this list of the 7 best programs to make logos we should also include Logo Maker. A program that can be downloaded in the trial version. Users can choose between creating a logo from a template or starting from scratch. There are many editing tools, smart color tools, as well as vector drawing tools. It even includes a variety of special effects that can be used in the text. It is one of the programs to design logos.

Corel DRAWprograms to design logos

One of the oldest graphic design tools that exist. Its many options make it for many the best program to design logos with multiple options to create texts and all kinds of geometric shapes.

DesignEvoprograms to design logos

The last of the options is a tool to design online logos. Its developers are the creators of FotoJet, one of the best-known online photo editors that exist. DesignEvo guides you through the process of creating a logo. It has numerous templates, icons, and fonts which is really practical. It can be an excellent option for those who have never faced the process of creating a brand. For professional designers, it can also be a source of inspiration.

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