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Best fighting anime that must watch in 2021

Dragon Ball is one of the best fighting animes in the world. Its series, manga, video games and other promotional items are appreciated worldwide by its millions of fans.

Due to its popularity, it inspired a whole generation of mangakas who saw Goku and his friends’ adventures an example to follow for their works.

Best fighting animes

Although in some anime, the school of Akira Toriyama is visible, that does not mean that they are copies of Dragon Ball, since each series has its essence.

Here are the 10 best fighting animes you should not miss if you love Dragon Ball and good animated fights.

# 1 Naruto

It is impossible to make a list of series to watch if you love Dragon Ball without including Naruto, his legacy’s heir and protector.

There are several visible similarities between these animes, such as the orange color of their clothes and the protagonists’ way of being.

But, there are also notable differences, such as the style of the fights. While in Dragon Ball Z, they were based on very attractive power levels and attacks, in Naruto (at least in the first chapters), the strategy was everything in battle.

The bad thing about Naruto is the filler: dozens of original episodes that add nothing to the main plot but were necessary to give the manga some time to develop.

# 2 Fairy Tail

Another great anime with a Goku-like protagonist as they both seem to have the same character and love food. Even Natsu’s original outfit is based on Gogeta’s design.

Fairy Tail is a guild with the best and most powerful magicians in the country, Natsu, the dragon slayer, is one of them, and his goal is to find his father, the dragon Igneel. Natsu, along with his friends Erza, Lucy, Happy and Gray, is sent on dangerous missions to face the most powerful dark wizards.

# 3 Bleach

One of the fightings who most promised to take the baton of Dragon Ball, but he got lost on the way for some reason.

Even with all the filler, in Bleach, we had very exciting and colorful fights. Ichigo Kurosaki was a normal high school boy, who one day, to save his family, obtained a shinigami’s powers.

Now, Ichigo will have to fight the hollows, creatures that devour humans’ souls, while the shinigami Rukia Kuchiki regains her powers.

# 4 One-Punch Man

In a world where being a superhero is a job, Saitama sees it as just another hobby. For three years, Saitama did 100 squats, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and ran 10 kilometers a day. According to him, that gave him such overwhelming strength that he defeated even the most powerful monster in one blow and caused all of his hair to fall out. Saitama decides to turn his hobby into his job for all the debts he had, starting from the lowest rank.

# 5 Kenichi

Kenichi Shirahama is a below-average high school boy in everything, be it his grades or physical appearance.

That is why every day, he suffers from bullying at his school since his strongest classmates love to beat him at all hours.

One afternoon, he meets his partner, Miu Furinji, who was being bullied. Kenichi tries to rescue her, but she is no match for the attackers. The boy does not tell that Miu is a master in martial arts and easily defeats criminals.

Kenichi feels ashamed for being so weak, so Miu decides to take him home, which is a dojo where the most powerful martial arts masters in the world live.

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Kenichi decides to train with them to become the strongest disciple … if he survives the almost inhuman training that lies ahead.

# 6 Nanatsu no Taizai

Known in Latin America as The Seven Deadly Sins, it is the story of a group of knights with incredible powers who protect the kingdom of Liones from the tyranny of the demon clan.

Each of those knights takes the name of their greatest sin, and they are recognized throughout the world for their incredible power, especially Meliodas, the captain of that team and the most powerful of all. One day they are accused of murder, so they must disintegrate the team.

Years later, the holy knights who relieved them betrayed the kingdom, so Elizabeth, the third princess of Liones, goes in search of The Seven Deadly Sins to ask for their help.

# 7 Hajime no Ippo

One of the best sports anime shows in all its splendor the fighting spirit that every self-respecting warrior must-have.

Ippo Makunouchi is a 17-year-old boy who was always considered very weak, so he was always the target of bullies at his school.

While receiving a beating, a mysterious man saves him and takes him to his gym, where he discovers the world of boxing.

The man who saved him is Mamoru Takamura, one of the most important boxers in Japan. Ippo draws inspiration from everything he sees in the gym to start training, with his mindset on one day being as strong as Mamoru.

# 8 Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke Urameshi is a problem boy. He skips school, he doesn’t obey his mother and he spends all day on the street. But he’s not really a bad guy, as one day he gave his life to save a little boy from being run over.

Unfortunately, he later learned that his sacrifice was in vain, as the boy would leave the accident unscathed. At least that’s what a spirit tells him, who was sent to give him a second chance since it was not his time to die.

To revive, Yusuke will have to fight and defeat all evil forces that threaten his city.

# 9 Tenjho Tenge

At the Todou Garden school, they are dedicated to preserving martial arts, so most of the problems are solved with fighting.

One day, Nagi Soichirou and Bob Makahara arrive, two fighters who want to control the school. To their surprise, they discover that there are fighters stronger than them. To defeat them, they join the Juuken club and start training.

# 10 Hunter X Hunter

The story follows Gon Frecks, a boy raised by his aunt and grandmother on Whale Island.One day, a bear attacks the boy, but he is saved by a hunter, who tells him that his father Gin is still alive. Inspired by this, he decides to accompany the man to become a hunter and discover why his father abandoned him.

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