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Best anime quotes of all time

Are you ready for the best anime quotes? In this compilation, we have a bit of everything, from motivational quotes to quotes about love, friendship and the importance of accepting yourself. All from the favorite characters of our favorite series. Shall we start?

Best anime quotes

best anime quotes

1. “The world isn’t perfect. But it’s still there for us, and it’s trying its best. That’s what makes it so beautiful.” – Roy Mustang, Full Metal Alchemist

2. “Once you meet someone, you never really forget them. It only takes a while for their memory to come back to you.” – Zeniba, Spirited Away

3. “Knowing that there is pain is not scary. What is scary is knowing that you cannot go back to the happiness you wasted.”
– Matsumoto Rangiku, Bleach

4. “Those at the top are able to determine good and bad! This is neutral ground! Justice will prevail, you say? Of course it will! Whoever wins this war will become justice ! ” – Don Quixote Doflamingo, One Piece

5. “Looked at from another angle, flaws and weaknesses can become weapons.” – Nagisa Shiota, Assassination Classroom

6. “A person who cannot sacrifice anything cannot change anything.” – Armin Arlert, Attack on Titan

7. “Don’t give up, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about falling down! The real shame is in never getting back up!” – Shintaro Midorima, Kuroko No Basket

8. “The true way to judge a shinobi is not by how they live, but by how they die. It is not what they do during their lifetime, but what they did before they died, that proves their worth.” – Jiraiya, Naruto

9. “Do you always want to live hidden behind the mask that you put on for the good of others? You are you, and there is nothing wrong with that.” – Ymir, Attack on Titan

10. “Fear is not bad. It tells you what your weakness is. And once you know your weakness, you can become stronger, and kinder.” – Gildarts Clive, Fairy Tail

11. “If you lose something, you can find it again. But what you discard as if it doesn’t matter, you will never get back.” – Himura Kenshin, Rurouni Kenshin

12. “I will leave the problems of tomorrow to the self of tomorrow.” – Saitama, One-Punch Man

13. “My mom told me that it is better to trust people than to doubt them. She said that people are not born with a kind heart. When we are born, all we have are desires for food and material things. Selfish instincts, I guess. But he said that kindness is something that grows within each person’s body, but it is up to us to nurture that kindness in our hearts. That is why kindness is different for each person. -Tohru Honda, Fruits Basket

14. “You were wrong for two reasons. Even the hardest substance can break when it smashes into itself. And the ability to feel pain is not a weakness. It is a strength. Pain tells a creature its vulnerabilities, and not expose them to attack. Your robot is dead. And I’m afraid you are too. ” – Kurama, Yuu Yuu Hakusho

15. “Don’t be too quick to throw away your life. No matter how dishonorable or embarrassing it may be, you must keep fighting to find your way out to the end.” – Clare, Claymore

16. “There’s no use pretending you can’t see what’s going on.” – Yuuya Mochizuki, Another

17. “I will make you fall in love with me so much that every time our lips touch you will die a little.” – Koizumi George, Paradise Kiss

18. “Sometimes people are bad. Don’t fight bad with badness. Hold your head up high.” – Hinata Miyake, A place beyond the universe

19. “People tend to show an act of kindness. It is not out of good will, it is a requirement, because they expect a word of grace as a reward. – Itoshiki Nozomu, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

20. “Why should I apologize for being a monster? Has anyone ever apologized for becoming one?” – Juuzou Suzuya, Tokyo Ghoul

21. “Reject common sense to make the impossible possible.” – Simon, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

22. “Life and death are like lights and shadows. Both are always there. But people don’t like to think about death, so unconsciously, they always look away from it.” – Yato, Noragami

23. “I’m not weird, I’m just different.” L Lawliet, Death Note

24. “No letter that can be sent deserves not to be delivered.” – Violet Evergarden, Violet Evergarden

25. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Shoyo Hinata, Haikyuu!

26. “Even if I lose this feeling, I’m sure I will fall in love with you again.” – Syaoran Li , Cardcaptor Sakura

27. “They say that we must love ourselves first, before other people love us, but it is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes, first we need someone to accept and love us, then we would learn to see ourselves through from that person’s eyes and we would learn to love each other. ” – Yuki Sohma, Fruits Basket

28. “It was as if you had colored my life. You changed my life, by yourself . ” – Sawako Kuronuma , Kimi Ni Todoke

29. “If it is possible for one person to be hurt by another, then it is possible for that person to be healed by another.” – Sohma Hatori, Fruits Basket

30. “Thank you for making my dream come true. Thank you. I feel like I have witnessed a miracle. I don’t think there is a god, but if there is, surely it must be you.” – Oscar Webster, Violet Evergarden

31. “Don’t let anything stop you. Fight for your goals, even when they seem out of reach.” Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach

32. “Surrender kills people. When people refuse to give up, they finally get the right to transcend humanity.” – Alucard, Hellsing

33. “We don’t have to know what tomorrow holds for us! That is why we can live for all that we are worth today!” – Natsu Dragneel, Fairy Tail

34. “People become stronger because they have memories that they cannot forget.” – Tsunade, Naruto

35. “There are some flowers that you only see when you take detours.” – Saeko Tanaka, Haikyuu!

36. “I want to believe that memories, even sad and painful ones, should not be forgotten forever.” – Momiji Sohma, Fruits Basket

37. “There is no way we can meet. But one thing is certain, if we see each other, we will know. That it was you who was inside me. That I was the one who was inside you.” – Mitsuha Miyamizu, Your Name

38. “Is there a limit to the love you feel for another person? Even though he hurts me, or I hurt him, I am not capable of hating him. In fact, what I want is that those wounds that I have made him heal ., as a burn that way, you can not olviarme -. Kamijou Hiroki, Junjou Romantica

39. “Simplicity is the easiest way to true beauty.” – Seishuu Handa, Barakamon

40. “You have not missed class while you work. You prepare your own food, do the laundry, take out the garbage. You fight. You earn money, you pay the rent … Don’t you dare tell me that you haven’t achieved anything! I’ve seen! You’ve done your best! ” – Takashi Hayashida, Sangatsu No Lion

41. “Forgetting is like a wound. The wound can heal, but it has already left a scar.” – Monkey D. Luffy, One Piece

42. “I tried so hard not to show my flaws that I wasn’t amused. I’m really sorry. But I can’t lie to myself!” – Kae Serinuma, Kiss Him, Not Me!

43. “For there to be pain, there must be goodness. For the darkness to stand out, there has to be sunshine. “- Kyoko Honda, Fruits Basket

44. “The fact that someone is friends with a nice person does not mean that he is also friends. Sometimes they are friends because the person is kind enough to accept them.” – Makoto Sunakawa, Ore Monogatari!

45. “He who climbs the ladder must start from the bottom.” – Ittetsu Takeda, Haikyuu!

46. ​​”If you don’t like your destiny, don’t accept it.” – Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto

47. “When you give up, that’s when the game ends.” – Mitsuyoshi Anzai, Slam Dunk

48. “All we can do is live until the day we die. Let’s control what we can … and fly free. “- Deneil Young, Space Brothers

49. “Acting is not necessarily compassion. True compassion sometimes comes from inaction . ” – Hinata Miyake, A Place Beyond the Universe

50. “If you really want to be strong … Stop worrying about what your environment thinks of you!” – Saitama, One Punch Man

51. “Living in a world where you feel nothing for the person you love the most is too hard!” – Sakura Kinomoto, Card Captor Sakura

52. “Just like no matter how much you try to keep it away, despair will attack you again and again. In the same way, hope will return to you. Over and over. “-Kazuma Sohma, Fruits Basket

53. “Hard work is useless for those who do not believe in themselves.” – Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto

54. “If I do my best and they tell me I’m useless, then it’s my fault. But being considered useless, without even trying, is something I cannot allow. “- Ritsu Onodera, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

55. “You should know better than anyone that you have failed the moment you lose your cool.” – Daichi Sawamura, Haikyuu!

56. “Lately, wherever I go, I am always the oldest. How long has it been like this? At some point, the people who have been fighting beside me have disappeared, first one and then another. All that remains now is this old body … And these innumerable tapes … that have been entrusted to me. They are heavy. ” – Sakutarou Yanagihara, Sangatsu no Lion

57. “The purpose of the bad days is that you can love the good days even more.” – Miyamura Izumi, Horimiya

58. “In this world, even the most scientific things started from someone who had the intuition that it exists. Then someone proved it after the fact. So compared to you, I know absolutely nothing about her … But I have the I intend to spend my whole life showing my love. I didn’t marry her because I showed my love. I married her to show her my love. ” – Nasa Yuzaki, Tonikaku Kawaii

59. “I don’t know how I’ll feel when I’m dead, but I don’t want to regret the way I lived.” – Yuji Itadori, Jujutsu Kaisen

60. “I don’t know what you’re aiming for, but you can’t expect to be perfect from the start. You have to build your confidence … accomplishing small tasks one by one.” – Masamune Takano, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

61. “A smiling, trustworthy and cool hero … That’s what I want to be! That’s why I’m giving it my all. For everyone!” – Izuku Midoriya, Boku No Hero Academia

62. “You really loved Mr. Clow, didn’t you? It hurts, doesn’t it? It hurts to lose someone you love.” – Sakura Kinomoto, Card Captor Sakura

63. “There are things that can only be achieved together. So that one day, when you look back, the people you lived with will see it as a happy memory with the same warmth as you.” – Kou Mabuchi, Ao Haru Ride

64. “The warmth of someone else’s skin is scary. Thaw the loneliness you had so easily forgotten.” – Rokka Shimao, Natsuyuki Rendezvous

65. “There are no painless lessons, they simply do not exist. Sacrifices are necessary, you cannot gain something without losing something first … Although if you can bear that pain and walk away from it, you will find that now you have a heart strong enough to overcome any obstacle … Yes … A heart of steel. “- Edward Elric, Full Metal Alchemist

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