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Best Animation Movies in 2018

Although it is hard to believe, the drawings are the most difficult to do, both in time and money. For this reason, we must value all those who arrive at the cinema. Of course, nothing happens to go see only the best-animated films of 2018. And is that, no matter how many drawings are, there are also bad ones. Ask whoever has seen Emoji: The Movie.

Be that as it may, this is not just any year. Returns of mythical sagas, premieres of the most expected and many, many titles to get to the undercard. A year to enjoy and recreate with the best-animated films of 2018

The best animated movies 2018Best Animation Movies

In fact, many of the best-animated films of 2018  in this list, we will see in the race for the Oscars in 2019. A statuette that will be very expensive next year.

The Incredibles 2Best Animation Movies

It is clear that it will be the best of the best-animated films of 2018. Pixar has been slow to release the sequel because it wanted around the movie and they claim they have achieved it. Yes, we will have to wait until summer to check it. The plot will start where the first delivery ended, with the family stuffed in their superhero costumes and ready to save the world. The question is, who will be the enemy this time? It is one of the Best Animation Movies in 2018. Keep reading

Hotel Transylvania 3: A monstrous vacationBest Animation Movies

Another one of the best-animated films of 2018  that will arrive in summer. He will do so to show the luxury cruise on which Dracula and his family will embark. A cruise in which the Lord of Darkness will know love, precisely with the captain of the ship, whose surname will be known to the vampire: Van Helsing. And is that Ericka is a descendant of the most famous vampire hunter of all time. How will this affect what it feels? Continue Reading- NIGHT FALLS ON LOSERVILLE, A SHORT FILM BY KIKI & REMUS

Ralph Breaks InternetBest Animation Movies

Rich Moore, director of Zootropolis, is put in charge of the sequel to this beloved saga. He will do it to show how Ralph and Vanellope go on the Internet to find the pieces that can be used to repair the Sugar Rush car, destroyed in competition. There you will discover a new and wonderful world that, yes, will not make it easy for you. The tape will not arrive until November. Of course, when it does, it will bring surprises such as the presence of a Disney princess or a Star Wars character. It’s what Disney has the rights to everything. It is one of the Best Animation Movies in 2018. 

SmallfootBest Animation Movies

The never told story of Bigfoot. Counted from your point of view. Smallfoot refers to humans, as the Yetis call them, who are the ones who will tell the story of their existence. A fun twist of roles in which Channing Tatum will give voice to the main character. A story that aims to demystify what is abominable when someone talks about the man of the snow. Undoubtedly, among   the best-animated films of 2018. Continue reading

Alone at home

It was the first of the best-animated films of 2018  to be released. He did it the first weekend of the year and liked it much more than expected. This Canadian film presents a common story: the move of a mother and her daughter to another house. The exception of this family is that the gnomes in their garden are alive and also move with them.

These gnomes, although hard to believe, defend the planet of the Troggs, who have been hiding on Earth for years. However, this time they will have to resort to human help to defeat them. It is one of the Best Animation Movies with fun.

The jungle BunchBest Animation Movies

The Jungle Panda is a nice French film in which the protagonist is Maurice, a penguin who was raised to be a tiger. Obviously, he has not had it easy in life. In spite of this, his eagerness to maintain peace and rules in the jungle, as his adoptive mother did, is firm. Now, your archenemy will not make it easy. A despicable and evil being like Igor … a koala! Laughter assured with one of  the best-animated films of 2018

The antics of Peter RabbitBest Animation Movies

Adaptation of one of the most famous contemporary children’s classics of the same name, created by Beatrix Potter. The plot focuses on Peter, a somewhat clever rabbit who wants to sneak into the garden of a farmer in his area. What seemed like a simple task, will become an adventure. A film loaded with humor and good vibes, and that combines the real image with CGI. One of the best-animated films of 2018  that will arrive in Spain at the end of March. It will be the Best Animation Movies in 2018.

Sherlock Gnomes: Gnomeo and Juliet 2Best Animation Movies

The sequel to one of the great animated surprises of the 21st century. In this case, Sherlock Gnomes, as the name suggests, pays homage to the detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The character will appear in the story to solve the mysterious disappearances of several relevant gnomes in the city of London. A detective that Johnny Depp will voice. For that alone, it deserves to be among the best-animated films of 2018. It will reach theaters on March 23.

Caveman (Early Man)Best Animation Movies

The title does not deceive. And the trailer either. It will be one of the best-animated films of 2018  without a doubt. This prehistoric comedy, created by the Aardman Animations studio with plasticine and stop-motion, will feature Dug, a good-hearted but somewhat clumsy caveman who will reunite his tribe to kill those who want to steal their home: their cave. How will do? With soccer. A crazy but tremendous premise. It is one of the Best Animation Movies in 2018.

Leo da Vinci: Mission Mona LisaBest Animation Movies

La Gioconda has a serious problem. Therefore, he tells his great friend Leonardo who will help him in his mission: find a pirate ship sunk decades ago on the Island of Monte Cristo. What does this boat hide? It is clear, a treasure. Same as the film, one of the best-animated films of 2018  for originality and plot. It will arrive in September at the cinemas of Spain.

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